Monday, May 15, 2006

Computer Down ........

I, in my infinite wisdom, undertook to upgrade my computer. I oughta know better.

It works now. But my backups of some things .... didn't backup. Lost my friggin' email address book.

The damn Windoze, Settings and file transfer wizard? Yeah, the thing laughed at me when I tried to transfer back into the upgraded system. I had most of that shit backed up separately .... but not my web addresses.

Shit. I slave to repair the fixit I began. Oh well.

The rain continues for what seems like months. The grass is as high as my armpits out back. Summer's not even here and I'm way behind the power curve already.

And I have to sort, figure out, organize and repair all of Mom's shit. It's gonna be a long Summer.
I'll try to fix this thing a little at a time and post some more upbeat things later.

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