Wednesday, August 09, 2006

On This Day in 1945 .............

FATMAN was deployed over the city of Nagasaki, Japan. It was the second Atomic Weapon dropped by the United States military in a 3 day period and essentially ended the Second World War.

I was remiss on not posting 3 days ago regarding the THE FIRST successful deployment of Atomic Weapons and I apologize for that.

Hey, I have a job. Forgive me for my desire to eat regularly.

So far, these have been the only Nuclear Weapons ever used in warfare.

Fortunately. So Far.

You can argue about the necessity of using these weapons if you like, but if you do, I'll make fun of your Pansy Ass. Then I'll beat you about the head and neck with facts and figures to illustrate how fuckin' stupid you'd be to accept such a position.

BUT- What this post is really about is to remind people just how destructive these things are. And these 2 primitive atomic weapons, compared to any modern design, are like comparing .............. Well, something like this-

To This-

Now, if you're asking yourself, "Where is this silly bastid going with this?" Stick with me.

We all know how destructive these things are, right?
We've seen them in action 61 years ago and have refrained from using them again, right?
Wouldn't want one going off in your neighborhood, right?

Think about that when folks like this guy will soon be able to deploy these type weapons.

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