Thursday, November 23, 2006

Watch Football? I Don't Think So ...........

Thanksgiving is usually a day to watch a game or 2 and indulge in turkey. We decided instead to celebrate National Ammo Day a few days late. I'd already bought ammo, but I'll have to buy some more next week as the kids and I stepped out the back door and hit the GrumpyUnk Firing Range for a couple hundred rounds of fun.

Look at that. Coffee. Smokes. Firearms and Ammo. If there were a couple of big breasted babes in there it'd be perfect.

This is convenient as hell. Literally, right out the back door. Yeah, it can't be real good for the trees and I plan on making a target frame eventually. But hey, it's all good.

Yes, I confess. Those are feed sacks tacked up on the trees. No, I don't mind being a Hillbilly. Thank you very much.

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