Saturday, July 07, 2007

OK, I Think It's Safe to "Question Their Patriotism" Now .........
SondraK had this remarkable link last night to Zombie Time and his eye opening event coverage of the Anti-American July 4th in San Francisco.

Gotta love this.

I love it when the "Peace" crowd advocates murder.

Not sure what the artwork here represents, but the message is pretty clear.

There's a lot more. Zombie Time has been attending and photographing these events for several years now. If you're interested in the true nature of the Left in the country. Nothing shows it better than when they display it themselves.

Oh hell, 1 more of my favorites.

I want to be part of the "Big Cleavage Rebellion" too!

It seems that this was not the only choice available on the 4th.

How about AK Press' Annual Fuck the Fourth Sale ?

Movies anyone? Anti-4th of July Guerrilla Screening in the Park -
"......what better way to celebrate the impending fall of the American Empire than a good ole' fashioned anti-fourth screening in Dolores Park?

At 8:30 there will be a screening of the academy award nominated documentary "The Weather Underground", a patriotic film about revolutionaries who carried out a bombing campaign against the U.S government in the 1970's."
That shit is just wrong.


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