Friday, July 06, 2007

Motorcycle Wiring Update...........


I had a friend put an eyeball on my mess this morning. He's a Brainiac with wiring stuff. in 30 minutes he had my screwup fixed and the new horn dialed in right.

Now I have to finish mounting the horn up and putting everything back together. I'm waiting for the paint to dry on the mounting bracket that I made now. Shouldn't be long and I'll be back together.

This morning, I had most all the fairing bodywork, dash and windshield off so things would be easy to see and work on. With all that off the wind was wonderful.

Made me think that I'm gonna have to make another windshield for this heat.
I made a Summer Windshield last year to help deal with the heat. It's shorter than the stock windshield and does help quite a bit. But riding in this morning, I decided that I should make another one that's even shorter for more air flow.

So I guess I'll be heading into town and getting a piece of Lexan later.
Now that I have this wiring untangled.

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