Thursday, July 05, 2007

My Craptacular Garage Skillz Continue to Amaze Me.....
After several close calls last year I decided that I needed to upgrade the horn on the Concours. One of the Chuckleheads that Dogboy hangs out with turned me on to THIS LITTLE GEM a few months ago from I bought one and have been sitting on it since and after a close encounter with a Little, Text Messaging, Chancre Blossom last week I decided to install it.

139 Decibels of ear splitting goodness to get the attention of those who need it.
No big deal, right? Wrong.

I'll be the first to admit that my knowledge, skill and all around familiarity with motor vehicle electronics is marginal at best and dangerous in some respects. But hey, it came with instructions so I started working it out the other night.

Even though this thing is pretty small, finding a good place to mount it was a challenge. When I figured out that you could separate the compressor from the horn and run an air hose between them, mounting places became much more abundant.

Wiring it up? That's when the trouble started. Which has yet to end as now I've somehow screwed up and I've lost power to the original horns. No don't ask me what the hell I did to achieve that. Nothing I fiddled with should have nuked the power there. And yes, I checked the fuses and for loose connections.

Bah! This wasn't supposed to be any kind of big job, just a simple add on. Let it not be said that couldn't screw up a one car funeral procession.

I'll figure it out soon enough and it'll be something incredibly simple. I'm just bitchin' here now because I'm frustrated.

I should just put on a happy face I guess and sort it out tomorrow after I get my mind in order.

Sometimes I just need to find better balance.

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