Thursday, July 05, 2007

Interesting News of the Last Couple of Days........

There's been a veritable glut of weird and wonderful in the news of late that I've been to busy to comment on. Yes busy. Screwing up my motorcycles electrical system is being busy. But hey, who's bitter?

Mary Katherine Ham of - From Helmet to Tiara: Utah's Nat'l Guard Beauty Queen. She's got my vote for Miss America.

From Ace who has something funny to say about everything, comes this - "Live Quiet Or Die Hard: Neighbor upset by noisy fireworks opens fire, killing three."

SondraK, Head Mistress of Knowledge is Power reports on a hero in Glasgow.

Check out this honest to G-d headline - HERO CABBIE: I KICKED BURNING TERRORIST SO HARD IN BALLS THAT I TORE A TENDON . Amazing. I'd like to be able to say that after putting the punt to Ted Kennedy's Nardsack.

She also had this -

Gotta love that.
On the Kitchen beat - Chinese villagers eat dinosaur bones. " Villagers in central China dug up a ton of dinosaur bones and boiled them in soup or ground them into powder for traditional medicine, believing they were from flying dragons and had healing powers." Hey, why not?
And from the "Guess who's NOT coming to dinner" files - Belgian Dinner Guest Finds Bodies of Host's Wife, Stepson in Freezer. Neighbors, try 'em with the Dinosaur bones. HT Ace.
OK, that's it for now.

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