Thursday, July 05, 2007

Good News for Midwest USA, Moto GP Fans ............
Those of us who can't travel to Laguna Seca will be able to see MotoGP action in Indianapolis next year.

MotoGP to Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
"Indianapolis Motor Speedway will host a round of the 2008 MotoGP World Championship, with all three World Championship classes expected to take part.
The announcement of the race, set for Sept. 14, 2008, will be made July 16 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway".

Great news to me. I've never been to a world GP race and will not miss this chance.

I'm curious as to how the course will be set up.
Crap! Like I care. I'm gonna go even if they're racing around in a circle .............. Oh wait a minute. That's what that place is famous for isn't it?
No matter. I'm going anyway. I've had fun watching cars go round in a circle there.

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