Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cleaned up the Links a Bit......
Did it in kind of a hurry. So if I nuked you off the sidebar links by mistake let me know.

Added a few new ones too -
The Dysfunctional Nephew. Mentioned yesterday. Sorta like family.

Pedro VonPetrol Cool site and he links here.

Self Sustained Living Like the name says, this chick is the total package. Even raises her own coffee and tobacco. When it comes to the preparedness things I've been talking about recently, she's what I'm talking about.

UPDATE - Added a couple more folks under the "Gun Blogs and Whatnot" heading on the lower right.

These are folks you should be keeping up with on a regular basis to be on top of the news as it relates to Firearms, Freedom and the like.

Western Rifle Shooters Association A daily stop for me.

Gun Rights Examiner This David Codrea's syndicated site. I've been a big reader of his The War on Guns Blog for a while now. He is all over gun news and if you're not paying attention, you ought to be.

Mike Vanderboegh's - Sipsey Street Irregulars. Mike is the center of the "3%'ers" people. Controversial to some people. Prophet to others. You have to make that decision yourself.

What's a 3%'er, you ask? Just look on the right side of his site at the top of the column. Like I said, you decide.

He's a hell of a knowledgeable guy and can tell a tale. He is currently working on finishing up a novel so not a lot getting posted right now.
But if you go to his site you can read several chapters of that book. I have and I recommend it. Good stuff. Look for the "ABSOLVED CHAPTERS" Link on the right as you scroll down.

OK, that should be it.
And remember -

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