Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hoophouse & Beer ......

Worked on the Hoophouse a bit more today. The temperature is about 25 degrees colder than yesterday, but at least it was Sunny.

Got the basic frame up before I started getting cold and wimped out -

I think it'll be ok when I get it framed all the way in.

I'll probably end up changing some things yet. I'm not real happy with the supports that are running horizontally there on the sides. Not a big deal, just have to reconsider how the framing will all go together. I discovered I do need a few treated 2x4's yet. I'm basically winging it anyway. If I were building a piano or some such I might put a bit more thought into this.

You can get an idea of the basic layout of the garden though -

It's come along pretty well. Big difference from where it started last Summer -

Damn, look at how green things are. I'm seriously needing some Spring weather.

Right now? Time for a cold one.
Uummm Beer.


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