Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Four Worms of the Apocalypse .....

Actually, there was more like like 15 or 20.

I went out to check out the garden yesterday morning and ran into this -

They had looked nice and pretty Saturday Morning before I went to work.

Something was eating the hell out of them.

Sure enough.

Nasty little Cabbage Worms.

I had a bit of trouble seeing them at first as they blend in colorwise almost identical with the plants.

Once I spotted them I squished 'em while cussing all things insect.

I checked things out today and couldn't find any more, so I think I got 'em all for now.

They tore hell out of the cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli that's for sure.

Other than those little bastards, things look pretty good.

The Bumblebees seem to like the Sunflowers. They're all over them.

Got Peas? Oh yeah.

The HoopHouse is becoming a jungle full of Tomatoes and Cukes.

All in all things look pretty good.
I'll put a couple more up later.


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