Monday, June 15, 2009

Harley Rider vs Deer ........
This was an ugly one that came through the ER yesterday.
Guy out riding his bike on a nice Sunday afternoon on a small tree lined back road when one of those suicidal, cloven hoofed, SOB ungulates decides to run out and stop right in front of him.

Dude had nowhere to go but to his brakes and slow down the impact.

It didn't work out to well for either party. The deer was dispatched by the local Sheriff and the rider was brought to us.

All I can say is this - Wear some protective gear!

This dude probably has a couple of holes in his skull today to drain off the blood and reduce the pressure on his brain. If he'd had a helmet on, he'd probably have gotten by without a head injury from bouncing his head off the pavement at least twice.

He broke a couple of ribs and dropped a lung and that most likely would have occurred no matter what kind of gear he'd been wearing. So he got a chest tube before he was flown out to the BigCityHospital.

And this dude had some of the worst Road Rash I've ever seen. His arms and hands looked like someone took a belt sander to them. Just puckered your ass up to look at it.

That shit is gonna hurt like a MoFo for a long time. He should fully recover, but it's gonna take some time and a lot of hurt.

Just some basic riding gear could have saved him a lot of pain.

Just wear your gear.

Gratuitous Picture -
Fall 2007
The BigBluePlasticMotorcycle and Devils Tower. Man I want to go back out there again.


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