Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pocket Pistol .......

My In-laws are down at the "GrumpyUnk Command and Control Bunker" for a few days.

Bob brought a little .25 caliber Bronco automatic with him.
Cool little, and I mean little, pistol.

You can palm the thing.

Sorry about the fuzzy picture, but I get all excited and shaky around firearms.
OK. Not really. I just have a shitty camera and had drank about 8 cups of coffee prior to taking the photo.

He had a box of ammo that he'd bought back in the early 70's that he brought with him for it, so when I went to town for chickenfeed yesterday I sought out some more ammo for him.

I searched high and low and finally found a guy who had one box stashed. Cost me $22 bucks for it, too! That was a major ripoff, but I bought it anyway.

One place I looked was the Hardware store in town as I knew they sold ammo at one time and thought they might have a box laying around, but no luck.

They did have one 500 count of Remington .22lr and I asked how much it was. The clerk said "$3.99". I told her that probably wasn't right and she looked it up and said to me, "You're right. It's $4.99." I told her to check again, but she said that was the correct price so I bought it. After asking if they had anymore boxes like that stashed in the back. She went and looked, but no such luck. I'd have snatched up as many as they had for that price. You can tell it's old as the print has faded some on the side that was facing out from the shelf, but hey, it's 500 rounds for a penny a piece!

That took some of the sting out of the gouging I took on the .25 caliber rounds anyway.

So we went out to the back yard and fired off a few rounds this morning.

Bob's ammo from way back when had a failure to fire rate of at least 30%. So that $22 bucks looks even less expensive now as none of those we used (Only a small amount) failed to go Bang.

I shot up 200 rounds of the discount .22lr in the Browning Buckmark and had one failure is all.

Here's what the targets looked like -

Gingerbread Man Zombies!! Bet you never knew they were loose around here. But we kicked their asses and kept the "Command and Control Bunker" safe from the Flesh Eating Cookie Men.

You'll note a few bigger holes in there. Those are from the Colt .45.

Both Bob and the Mother in Law fired a couple of .45 mags off and did well.

All in all a good morning.

Gratuitous Picture for a Wednesday Afternoon-

Don't do this. It'll make you blind.


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