Monday, August 10, 2009

It's Monday Morning ......
After a decent weekend in the ER. Not to many Zombies this weekend & that's always a pleasant thing.

You're gonna have a few everyday because ....... Well, there's just a friggen bazillion of them. Fact of like and all that.

The shit these people do would be kinda funny if they weren't so damn annoying.

But I did get to see a miracle Saturday night and that's always good.
One of our New Regular Zombies - As opposed to the, Well known, long time Zombies - crawled in with his usual complaint of back pain and a pretty original story of why he's out of the
Percocet prescription he got 6 days ago.

No. Not, "The Dog ate it." But pretty close. This Dude couldn't even walk back to the ER and needed a wheelchair when he first got there.

But, Damn Skippy if he didn't jump his ass right up and Stomp out in a rapid and timely fashion when the Doc told him he wasn't getting a script for any, "To Go" drugs.

It was a miracle. Like Darth Vader said, "Your hate will make you stronger."
Seems like there must be some truth to that. At least in this case.

I've seen this same shit played out hundreds of times over the years, but it never fails to inspire me. The good news is that he'll probably go bother some other ER for a month or 2 before he hits us up again.

They ALWAYS come back. No matter what they tell ya or how angry they are on leaving. That drive for Narcs brings 'em back eventually. It's just to expensive
to support a Big Narcotics Jones at street prices.

So they eventually come back and act like they've never seen us before in their life.
And the Circus starts up again.

Gratuitous Picture for a Monday Morning-
I'll be there for 'em with my new favorite shirt on when they come back.


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