Friday, August 07, 2009

Most Folks Would Never Believe This Would Be Possible .....

Not EMS or ER Workers.

Inmate found with pistol in his Fat Folds
This fat ass had been searched 5 times before he informed the Jailer of it while in the shower.

You wouldn't believe all of the goofy shit that I've seen stashed (Read Lost) in fat folds over the years.
Sandwiches, Cans of Snuff, Lighters, Pencils, Pens, Money (Both Bills and Change), Pocket Knives, Nail Clippers & Lots of Food and Cockroaches.

So I don't find it hard that he was hiding a 9mm and a magazine for it in one of his, Fat Cabinets.

Or as Say Uncle put it "Concealed Carry".

Gratuitous Picture-


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