Monday, October 24, 2005

Gay Dog Update......

Yep, That's Pete, I told you about this Dumb Bastard in this post-

It seems that his recent flirtation with - Alternative, Doggie lifestyle has ended. Pete's not talkin', so I'm not sure if he actually chose to return to "I'm just a neutered Mutt and I should be content with pissin' all over everything in the yard" - or if Max, his ..... you know, Buddy, called it off.

Doesn't matter. At least I can let his stupid ass outside w/o having to go over to the neighbors house and drag him home everytime.

That's a major relief. But hey, look at that face. No wonder, Max the Mastiff, went for him.

I can't look at Max w/o thinking of those Gay, California, Body Builders anymore though.


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