Monday, July 23, 2007

OK, I've Been Busy and Neglecting Y'all......
So I'm Gonna Clue You in on One of the Big Secrets of Life here.

I received a complaint last night. One of the few readers I have here chastised me for being lazy and ignoring this place for the last 2 weeks.

So, here I am and I don't have shit to tell ya. Except I spent a shitload of money ordering parts and such for the BigBluePlasticMotorcycle today.

It's getting close to tire time again so I ordered a set of new Dunlop D205's today from Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse. The Connie has a weird tire and wheel configuration. 18 inch front and 16 inch rear. So that really limits the selections of tires available to pick from. You can see it in the picture here. Sorta.

The Dunlops give you good traction and grip, but not a whole lot of mileage. Hey, life's full of trade offs and I'll pick traction every time in a choice like that.
Now this means I have to spend a bit more money every year too, but that's ok. I didn't plan on buying tires so soon, but I've been riding the shit out of this thing lately and piling the miles up so that's just the price of enjoying life.

Connie gets about 40-45 miles per gallon when I drive in a reasonable manner, which I do most of the time. Yep, I've saved a shitpot full of money riding her so much. Damn good thing I saved all that money so I have enough to buy tires with.

BIG MOTORCYCLE SECRET AS PROMISED - Don't buy a motorcycle thinking you're going to save a bunch of money on gas. It just doesn't work that way. Yes, you will save money over what it costs to drive most full size cars or trucks. But if you like to ride, you'll rack up twice the mileage on the bike and negate any savings you may have gotten with the good fuel mileage savings. It's a great trade off for the most part and I, fer sure, ain't complaining.

HERE'S THE SECRET, BOYS AND GIRLS!!!! Saving money is the RATIONALIZATION you use when telling your Wife, Husband, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Significant Other, Loving Gerbil, Etc, that you want to buy a motorcycle! That's your selling point to close the deal.

It really should be easy now with $3.00 a gallon gasoline. Hell, if you've been wanting a bike and that's what it takes to convince yourself? Go for it!

You're welcome. Feel free to express your thanks in cash donations.

Seriously, like any hobby worth a shit, it costs money to be a motorcycle rider. Just the way it is. I'm NOT saying you have to be a jerk and buy a $30,000 bike and get every expensive piece of gear and accessory you can find. But things like good helmets and gear aren't cheap and you need a certain amount of that shit to get by. Like the tires I bought awhile earlier. Just part of the cost of having fun. So plan accordingly.

Call Geico for your insurance - But don't get in an accident. I saved a bloody fortune on my insurance by switching to Geico. I also know that if I have a claim that little Bastard Lizard will not be there to back me up like my local insurance agent would be. Another trade off. I also do not carry full coverage as my bikes are paid for and not that damn expensive. I'd probably feel different about this if I were riding one of these -

But I ain't. So I will continue as I have, be careful and hope for the best. Which I suppose is all we can do in this world anyway.

Besides tires, I bought a bunch of other shit for the Connie today. As I've decided to keep the old girl for another year or so, I thought it prudent to put some needed maintenance money into her along with a couple of personal comfort items. This is gonna help me and her both.

I need to find a good mechanic to help me replace the steering head bearings and do a couple of other things I'm not able to do before September. I'm planning on a good long trip and will want everything up to speed before then.

Ok, that's it for today. Discuss.

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