Monday, August 10, 2009

Air Conditioning is a Lovely Thing ........

Most of the time I could get by without it. But on days like today? Real glad to have it.

The majority of my life I've lived without it and gotten along pretty well. Days like today make you appreciate it when you need it.

It's alternating between heavy thunderstorms and 90+ and Sunny out there today. Add to that the canning has begun and we've got hot water boiling to add to the 90% humidity already. Probably 100% now as it's really thunder storming out there now.
AC sure helps.

Hard for me to imagine what it must have been like in the old days.

Even a Summer Kitchen would only be good for keeping the extra heat out of the house. Sure as heck wouldn't be comfortable for working in.

The Queen put up a bunch of Tomatoes this morning and we're working on Corn now. She bought a shitload of corn from a friend the other day. So that, and all the tomatoes that are coming on now are gonna continue to make me thankful for that AC in the weeks ahead.

Some of her handiwork from this morning -

Tomato Sauce. We're getting 1/2-1 bushel a day on the paste tomatoes now.

The HoopHouse tomatoes? Not so good.

My learning experiment with the HoopHouse so far tells me I need a partial redesign and that I should move them out and not leave them in there all season.

There's a major pest problem, both bug and infection type going on that's kicking ass on the tomatoes in there. Not getting too many.

Bummer. More ventilation and move 'em out next year.

Lesson learned.

Gratuitous Picture for a Monday Afternoon-


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