Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Do you talk on your cellphone while driving?

Well, if you do .... You need your ass kicked!!

While out on this today - >
I had an "Up close and personal" encounter w/ an idiot driving and talking on her cell. Some folks just shouldn't be out on the public highways to begin with & I suspect this Spoogenozzle, isn't the sharpest tool in the shed on a good day. Today? Bad, very Bad. I'll spare you the details, but if her window had been open I'd have been able to reach in and administer the Bitch Slap, she so desparately needed. UHHH!!
What the hell is wrong w/ you people?
Why do I need a Blog anyway?

Well, no good reason, really. I'm gonna dick around here for awhile and see what happens. Maybe I'll tell a couple of stories or two and see how I like it.

1. Please, don't expect perfect spelling or punctuation. Ain't gonna happen, as I'm a public skool product.
2. I am NOT PC (Politically Correct), so if you're the sensitive type, go away now.

That's about it for the time being. We'll see how this works out.
Addendum - I can't believe I said "go away now". No one but me even knows this thing exists! Lordy, I make myself laugh sometimes. I may need to get out more.

Monday, June 27, 2005

This is a test.......

Yer Uncle is trying to figure out if he has the capacity to do this or not.