Monday, March 31, 2008

I Can't Express My Feelings.....
Today started out kinda crappy, but ended great.

How great?

Something like this: Winning the Lotto, Having a girlfriend who is a Nymphomaniac and her father owns a Liquor Store. And having a John Holmes sized Priaprism to use on her.

All rolled into one.

Yes. I got to rode my Motorcycle today!

It's gonna be my 4th year of having the BigBluePlasticKawasaki as the primary 2 wheeled conveyance in the garage soon. To say that I've grown accustomed to it would be somewhat of an understatement.

Due to mechanical problems with the bike and the G-d damned, "Global Warming" we've experienced here, I haven't ridden for almost 4 months.

That's just wrong.

It rained - AGAIN - till about 1100 am today. Which kept the fella with the bulldozer and the gravel trucks away again. It fucking SNOWED 2 weeks ago when he was gonna come and redo the driveway of the Command and Control Bunker. You would have to see the condition of this driveway to appreciate how badly I need this job done.

I was bummed this morning, to say the least. It started clearing up and drying out around noon. Hmmm... Maybe it'll get better?

Therapy Boy, the eldest offspring came by to help his Mom with a project around 2pm. OK, this is nice. Always nice to see the boy. And the Sun is shining.

I went out in the back yard and fired off about 200 rounds of .22 caliber love with the Ruger and was dialed in like a bitch. I attribute this to last weeks training session with, Mini-D that I should have told you about already. I'll save that for later, except to say that - He's a good teacher.

4:00 pm and the Sun is still out...... Hell, I walked out and checked the driveway and figured I could make it in and out without any major problems.

What the hell. Go for it.
Geared up and away I went.

I have not gone more than 30 days without riding since I bought that bike. The layoff of 4 months was bad. I really didn't know HOW bad it was till I got out on the road.

My damn face hurts from smiling.

No wonder I've been depressed. All the stupid, bad shit that's been going on over the last couple of months would have been a hell of a lot easier to deal with if I'd have been getting out on the Bike like I've always been used to.

If you think that's a silly notion.......... Piss Off.

You have no idea just how therapeutic it is to be able to just get out on 2 wheels. It's got to be cheaper than Prozac and way more effective.
Hell, I only rode about 25 miles. But the Sun was out and the temperature, while not real warm, was nice. High 50's or low 60's.
Shit. That's the real deal there. I wussed out and didn't stay out longer because I's left the rain gear in the garage and it was looking like it was gonna start raining any minute.
Dumb ass move on my part. It hasn't rained yet.

Still, I came home from just that short little ride and was physically tired. Not from any kind of exertion, but from the elation of being on the bike again.

To much happiness wears a body out. Who woulda' thought?

It took me all of about............. a 1/2 mile to feel totally comfortable again. I really can't tell you just how good it was.

And if you don't ride? You're never gonna know.

The weatherman says it's supposed to rain all week. - Screw it.
If I can get in and out of the place safely? I'm packing the rain gear and riding.
No Punishment To Great......
For a Sonofabitch like this - Cops: Neglected Boy, 4, Wasted Away to 10 Pounds. Some people don't deserve to steal oxygen from the rest of us.

G-d, I hate people anymore.
Science to the Rescue.......
The Japanese may be a bunch of goofy bastards who like their Porn girls dressed up in school girl costumes, but ya gotta love it when they put their minds to a real problem.

Man-made molecules reverse liver cirrhosis in rats.

Oh yeah. Pour me a pint of Boddingtons.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Finally Got The Motorcycle Fixed!!!!
I had a bolt shear off on the "BigBluePlasticKawasaki" awhile back. No good reason I can figure out, but break it did.

So I had to get the thing out of the engine case. My riding buddy, Mr-T, came over a couple of weeks ago and we (He) attempted to extract it with a nifty Craftsman Extractor tool. "Cept it wouldn't grab it like it was supposed to. Just dug in and ate the bolt somewhat.

He bailed on the project at that point in fear of causing major problems to the engine case. I don't blame him. The potential for catastrophe was going up with every attempt we made.

I had been putting off the inevitable for the last two weeks and praying that it would decide to come out on it's own, but darn it, that didn't happen.

So yesterday I just "Nutted Up" and went for it. I'd purchased several different extractors and armed with a good, sharp drill bit, bored a pilot hole in the stud and hooked up the Handy Dandy left handed extractor and......... Pop! Out it came.

I had been spraying penetrating oil on it, Warming the bike and rapping on the stud with a punch and hammer almost daily in order to loosen things up. Don't know if that helped, but it came right out as soon as the extractor bit in.

The treads in the case weren't even damaged. This is a minor miracle given my notable "Garage Kung Foo" skills. Which are about the same level as Curious George the Monkey.

But all is well and the bike is ready to ride. Whenever it stops raining and snowing.
Fitna the Movie ...
Geert Wilders has released his short film about The Quran.

I suspect his life expectancy to be only a bit longer than the 17 minute run time of the movie.
The video is supposed to embed here, but doesn't seem to be showing up. I think LiveLeak is down and that's why the embed isn't showing up below.
Here's a link to the official site, but it links you to Live Leak and won't connect right now. Either lots of traffic or hacked already. Or both.- Fitna the Movie

No real new ground covered for those who follow this sort of news. Mostly a collection of news and film snippets, of various Middle Eastern folks explaining their world view in that calm, rational way of theirs.

It will be enlightening to those of you who haven't been paying attention for like .......... forever.

Anyone want to take wagers on how soon this guy gets whacked?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Tactical Clooney Targets ......
Today, SteveH of Hog on ice fame, Linked my .45 post below.

"Grumpy Unk is shooting up his dishes. Must have run out of George Clooney bobbleheads. I buy them by the gross. Anyway, he is having fun with a new 1911."

Hell, I didn't even know they made a Clooney, Bobblehead. I don't spend much time thinking about George Clooney, or any other Hollywood type people for that matter.

But I decided to take that idea and do a 10 minute, Hillbilly Makeover and came up with these-

I'm still wasting valuable, recycled tableware. But it should work.

George wins though, as you can see, the printer ink sputtered and stalled on the last few.

Well, George wins for now anyway.
And Winchester. I need some more ammo already.

Update: Couldn't resist & just had to know.
They work ok.

Yeah, that's 2 through the nose, BTW. That low one on the left, there? Not so good, but it would've gotten the top of that fabulous
trapezius muscle of his.
(No Hollywood actors were injured in the making of this post.)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Some Funny Shit....
Before I head off to bed.
Seriously. watch this video. Who would have thought that a friggin' Walrus could have more rhythm than most white guys.

The music sucks on this one. but I guess that's just what you get when young folks who don't know any better do things.

One Good Thing Lately.....
With all the bad shit that's been going on around here lately, I should at least show you the good stuff.

Last Fall I bought a seat for the BigBluePlasticKawasaki that just didn't suit me. Spent a pretty good penny on it, but it was to hard for my skinny ass, so I reverted back to the stock seat. Well, I put the thing up for sale on the Concours Owners Group Forum. Not much interest was shown and I was thinking of going the Ebay route with it when I got an email and bam! It was sold.

Now I've been squirreling away a little money to buy a new pistol. Unfortunately, my taste in pistols is expensive. And I figured that the seat money still left me about $300 bucks shy of what I needed.

Well, as luck would have it. I happened to mention to a friend that I really wanted a 1911 pistol but didn't yet have enough cash. He looked kinda funny at me and said, "I've got one I'll sell you." His asking price was almost to the penny of what I had saved. I said OK and that was that.

Now I have added a Colt 1911 in .45 caliber to the collection.

Basic black &
Nothing fancy.

The real test is, can you hit anything with it.

Since I hadn't shot a .45 since the Army days of the mid 80's, who knows?

As it turns out, not to worry. It's way more accurate than I am.

The first 3 targets. 8 rounds each. 2 totally missed the plate on the first one (left).

Things got better real fast. Yeah, all 8 are in that last two. I'm real happy with that third one. This was just me blasting away in a pretty rapid fashion from about 30 feet.

Like I said. This thing is way more accurate than I am. If I ever get some real instruction, I may actually learn to shoot someday. I can see this getting even better after a little trigger work.

So that's the good news from around here.
Overheard in the ER ...........

MiniD, while looking at something on the web last night - "Unk, come here. I want to show you the best thing ever."

Young Coworker, Eastwood - "The best thing EVER? That'd have to be a Vagina that dispenses beer."

No argument or discussion on any other possible - "Best thing ever" - followed.

He's kind of an Idiot Savant, but logic like that is irrefutable.

Some things just work.
Sorta Like this.
Unk, Where Ya Been????
Good question I suppose since I've ignored this place for two weeks. Unk has had a whole lot of stuff going on as of late. Some good, but mostly bad.
Not gonna complain to ya about it, just my excuse for not being around.

Take my word for it. It's not that interesting if you ain't me. But let's face it, everyone would like to be me if they could.

I feel guilty that I've missed so many crazy good things out there. I'll try to be better.

I really need to update the links over there on the right. Jeez, some motivation would help. I'm glad the Sun was out today. I got out and did a few things that needed to be done.

Thank G-d for Spring.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Link Dump Friday Night.....
Or Knowledge Dump.
You decide.

Today was a cold, snowy, Global Warming type day. Just nasty out, so I spent the better part of the day reading on the Interwebz.

My little brother, who comments here directed me to this essay a while back. I had already read it, but a reread was not painful at all. ON SHEEP, WOLVES, AND SHEEPDOGS

Good little essay on people. Where are you in there?

YerUnk received his Carry Permit a few weeks ago. As they say in the Spiderman Movie, "With great power comes great responsibility" Or some goofy shit like that. Here's a nice essay entitled What Bearing Weapons Teaches About the Good Life. Definitely required if you're thinking of carrying a weapon.

And here's one mans story you should all read - An Encounter At Wal-Mart
He's a guy who has thought of this shit for a long time. Have you?

I don't know what's going on with all the recent school shootings. But I know that when I went to college, I carried a handgun illegally.
Yeah, the statute of limitations expired on that a long time ago.

I went to school in Gary, Indiana fer Christ sakes. Just what do you think would have happened if some dumb asses had pulled This kind of shit?

"N.C. college's security drill with 'armed intruder' mistaken for real thing."
Only in circles of "Higher Learning" could you be so damn dumb as to conjure up that idea.

Continuing with the college theme, read this fellas - An Open Letter to the College Students of America.

I'm glad that none of my kids are currently in college. I'd encourage them to be armed. Even if it means breaking the rules.

Gun Free Zones? No thanks. See Yesterdays Attack in Israel as to why self defense in ALL settings is a basic human right.

Of course, the BBC reports the attack as An Accident .Ten young people dead by deliberate attack. An accident?

Notice how this attack was resolved? Armed students. Explain to why Gun Free Zones are a good idea again?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Jeff Healy, RIP .....
Major downer. Dies of Cancer at 41

I have his site bookmarked and would check it periodically to see when he would be touring. Never got to see him play live. Such a major talent. He had the craziest style of playing that totally amazed me every time I saw a video of him. I still have no idea how the hell he played like that but play he could.

Here's a couple of examples for ya.

DogBoy. Man of Action!!!

DogBoy, is the youngest of the Unk offspring. (Though he looks remarkably like my friend Mitch. Hmmm.)

No matter. As my former Platoon Sergeant always said, "The longer you feed 'em. The more they look like you."

Anyway, DogBoy was in Bloomington the other night visiting some his, chucklehead Friends and saw that the house down the block was on fire.

He and his buddy ran down there and couldn't awaken the occupants by banging on the back door or windows. (The front of the house was totally burning already).

DogBoy picked up a concrete block and broke in the back door and found 2 young folks sound asleep in the house and got them and their 2 pets out safely.

The other fella had called 911 and the firemen showed up soon after and put the fire out. Lots of damage but thanks to the Boy , no TV news reporting on fatalities.

He said the smoke inside was already down to about 3 - 4" from the floor already and choked the hell out of him.

Total Hero stuff & I'm proud of him.

It reinforces my theory that regular beatings teach children to be responsible.
Plus they don't grow up to look like this Dickhead.