Monday, January 31, 2011

Paging Mr. Updated Resume...............

The weekend was a damn zoo in the ER. There are some particularly nasty
virus strains out there right now which are kicking ass on all ages.
That's not including the Flu Season that is now here in full force too. All that adds up to an ER that is packed up & backed up. Overcrowding is nothing new in ER's all over, but over the last 10+ years, the ER has become the go to provider of choice to more and more people.
And fewer & fewer of them either don't know what a, "True Emergency" is or choose to ignore it when it comes to their having to endure long waits prior to being treated. The overall level of civility, common courtesy and common sense declines as the wait time to be treated increases.

Those mentioned levels have been in decline for as long as I've been involved in Emergency Care, but they really go to hell when Morons with, "Moon and Stars Syndrome" are made to wait any more than 20 minutes.
"Moon and Stars Syndrome" refers to the belief of certain Moron Zombies that those celestial bodies revolve exclusively around them and that they truly are, the center of the universe and each minute they are forced to wait is a personal affront.

Full cardiac arrest in progress? Doesn't matter to them. No, it really doesn't matter to them. There are a whole lot of shitheads out there who would be perfectly happy if we quit caring for folks with Real Friggen' Emergencies as long as it decreases their time in the ER.

I not making that up. I've had them say just that when asked if I should just quit working on someone who is actively trying to die so I could take care of their minor BS. Not near enough of them respond with a sense of shame for being Dickheads and a scary percentage say, "Yes".

And sure as shit, just when you things can't get any worse, the Cops will bring in some Drunk, Drug Fueled Asshole who wants to fight with anyone who crosses their line of sight.
Every damn time.
Happened again the other night and some damn crazed Meth Head spit on me. Spitting is a universal trait among Drunks and Crazies in the ER. I have no idea why that is but I've seen it at every ER I've ever been in.
And I hate it.
And I'm pretty much over it too. I think it's time to start looking into other areas of nursing.

Life's to short to deal with these SunzaBitches any longer & it's time to start looking at other options.

"Mr. Resume, call on line 1".

Gratuitous Picture for a Monday Night-

But no matter how depressed these Zombies make me at least I have this-

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Off We Go.............

Off to work for another weekend of Zombie Hell.

The wife heard a Robin singing this morning so that's an encouraging sign.
Come On Spring!!!

Gratuitous Picture for a Saturday Morning-

Now ya know how it works. 1955 version.

Saturday Morning Bonus Video, Deep Purple Edition. Takes a minute or 2 to get past that 70's organ intro, but then takes off.

Oh what the hell. One more-

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Things That People Search For on Google..............

And then wind up here.

Kicking around with the SiteMeter today and damn, check this out -

Ya gotta wonder about folks, but this kinda shit cracks me up.

Check out the search words he used- "huge 2 foot turds".

Well, it does lead to A pretty funny story if I do say so myself.
So I guess that's ok.

I wonder. If you searched Google for, "6 foot turd" would it lead to a picture of me?
Just wondered, but I'm not trying it.

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Afternoon -
No. Really, that barrier's there for a reason, Dude.

More News From the Southern Border Today................

Iranian Book Celebrating Suicide Bombers Found in Arizona Desert

"A book celebrating suicide bombers has been found in the Arizona desert just north of the U.S.- Mexican border, authorities tell Fox News.

The book, "In Memory of Our Martyrs," was spotted Tuesday by a U.S. Border Patrol agent out of the Casa Grande substation who was patrolling a route known for smuggling illegal immigrants and drugs."

Yep, color me shocked. Not.

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Afternoon-

Coming soon to a Mall near you.
Courtesy of The White House, Janet Napolitano and the rest of the FuckTards in Washington DC.

And don't forget the kids.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Go Ahead and Look Now...........

At your fingers.
Because you're going to if you read this-

From The Daily Mail. What the length of your index finger says about you

"The idea that the shape of your hands indicates something profound about your sexual proclivities, the films you like, your athletic ability and your prowess on the stock market seems bizarre.

And yet for many decades now, scientists have noticed an extraordinary link between the ratio of two digits on the hand — the ring and index fingers, known in scientists’ jargon as 2D and 4D — and a whole host of seemingly unrelated traits."

Don't know if it really means anything or what, but this kinda shit is always interesting.

Here's a related article, also from the Daily Mail on the same phenomenon.
This one may be a bit more interesting, well personal anyway, to men-
Is finger length a clue to increased risk of getting prostate cancer?

"A man's risk of prostate cancer can be gauged by looking at his hands, scientists have said.

Men whose index fingers are longer than their ring fingers are significantly less likely to develop the disease, according to a study.

It is thought less exposure to the sex hormone testosterone in the womb results in a longer index finger and may also protect against prostate cancer."

Testosterone. Not always your friend, fellas.

Anyway, my manly hands have been busy this week.
Check out the growing pile of firewood.

The little Blue Truck is only about 4 feet from that pile.

Kicking ass on the firewood project. There's several more trees that I'd like to take down to brighten up the Garden, but I'm gonna have to figure out just where I will be stacking this shit before I add more to the pile.

OK, that's bullshit. My back is sore and I'm using that as an excuse to lay off this project till next week.

That new saw is a beast & worth every penny. The savings from using that woodstove has already paid for the saw. Not to mention the added comfort in the house.

Damn. Every tool should pay off that well.

Gratuitous Picture for a Thursday-

reminds me of a song - "meet me at the pawnshop and kiss me under the balls."

Some Southern Border News Items..........

Both via Pat Dollard

Mexican Cartel Caught Sneaking Muslim Jihadi Into U.S..
That's a shocker, eh?

I'm sure this fella just wanted to come here and "Do the work that Americans won't". No friggen problem.
WTF is so hard about the idea of securing the border? And why don't the folks in DC want it closed?
Makes no damn sense.

Next is a damn funny one and shows how creative people can be.

Medieval-Style Mexican Drug Catapult Found South Of Tucson – Video Added
Oh hell yes. "PULL!!!"

I gotta admit it, that is cool.
Hell, just for shits and giggles, I'd like to build a catapult or better yet, a trebuchet my own self.

Go check out the video. Pretty cool.

Gratuitous Picture for a Thursday Afternoon-
The last trip West 2007

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chicken Feed Talk.............

My Cousin asked in the comments below for a link to the Corn seed recommended to me by mmpaints.

Seems I'm not the only one getting his ass busted by the rising cost of feed.

Since it's a pretty safe bet that we're not the only ones who are looking at ways to grow our own feed here's a link- Nothstine Dent (OG).
I had asked mmpaints for suggestions for a good corn for both meal and feed. She says this one will do duty for both. Good enough for me. She's pretty much got the growing things for food and feeds down.

You can make cornmeal from any damn corn. Same with feed, but I wanted to simplify things and just grow 1. We'll see how it goes. She had a few other suggestions that I will have to recheck & then I'll pass 'em along to ya all.

I'm gonna put out a plot of Mangel Beets and see how that works. Of course that means I'm gonna have to return to the cold cellar plan that was a spectacular failure last Winter. The good news is I know how NOT to do it this time.
And we all know how helpful that is.

Turned out to be a fine day today. The Sun came out & warmed things up and and it was a right fine day to work out there.

Finished cutting up the 1 tree I had on the ground already and dropped another and got darn near all of it cut and in the, "To be split" pile. Just a bit of cleanup and that'll be done.

This is a fer sure, Goodness Thing. More Sunlight for the Garden area and firewood for the stove. Not to mention some much needed exercise for my fat ass. That 2+ month layoff with the foot surgery didn't do much for my already lacking muscle tone.
Damn, things sure go to hell quick when you get to be an old fart.

Oh well, could be worse and I'm sure it will be somewhere down the line. But today was a good day and damn if I won't be happy with that.

Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Afternoon-

Ready to get out and ride. Come on, Spring!

"It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood".............

As the late, Mr Rogers used to say.
Not really all that nice out. Cloudy w/ mist. But it is a bit warmer and that'll make working outside easier.

I dropped another good size tree yesterday and got the bulk of it topped out so today will be spent cutting into the real firewood.

This recent breath of Al Gore's global warming with the accompanying cold ass temperatures has eaten a substantial hole in the woodpile out there. Makes it easier to figure how much I have to be cutting now for next Winter though.

It would be nice to get a 2 year supply together just in case something unforeseen, like the recent foot problem arises again.
Be Prepared as the Boy Scouts say.
This woodstove continues to be a major blessing in keeping the utility bills down and the comfort level up around here.

Hope to hear some good news on the tractor implements from my coworker today.

mmpaints @ Self Sustained Living offered some advice on seed corn for both cornmeal and chicken feed the other day and it looks like I need to be getting an order ready for some of that. Looking forward to getting the Garden going this Spring.

The chores and chainsaw are calling.

Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Morning-

And a Bonus Zombie Video for my new troll-

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wrong Again............

My big hopes that the cold weather would help in keeping the Zombies home and out of the ER yesterday?

Total bust.
Oh well.

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these Zombie Sonzabitches from the swift completion of their hydrocodone fix........ On your dime."

They'll have there own Union Rep before much longer.

I gotta start seriously thinking about getting out of the ER and into some other area of health care.
I'm really starting to hate people in general.

Gotta go fight the Zombie Drug Fiends again. Later.

Gratuitous Picture for a Sunday Morning-

Saturday, January 22, 2011

This Global Warming Sucks..............
-10 below this morning. Is Al Gore in the neighborhood?

The good news?
It'll keep a lot of the Zombies home and out of the ER today!

Not all, by any means, but hopefully enough so that we'll have a good day.
We'll see. Ya never know.

Gotta run.

Gratuitous Picture for a Saturday Morning-

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sitting Here Watching the Moon Rise..............

It's really impressive tonight. Big and yellow rising over the treeline to the East of here. A few thin clouds around it reflecting the light out in a soft glow. To bad it's so damn cold or I'd go sit out on the steps and watch it.

To bad it reminded me of this song. Bad Moon on the Rise indeed.

Read this- Guest Post: The Fourth American Revolution and tell me what ya think.

H/T - Western Rifle Shooters Association

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Night-

What the hell. Bonus Friday Night Video, Allman Brothers-

It's Like it's Winter Out There or Something.............

Baby it's cold outside.
Brrrrr. Right around zero this morning.

It finally stopped snowing last night so I got the little tractor out this morning and plowed everything. Now that I know what the hell I'm doing it didn't take long at all.

Damn, I love that tractor. My lower back REALLY loves it. It's a 2 day job just getting the driveway clear with a shovel. 2 hours with that tractor and I get the drive, parking area and a route out to the barn done. Oh Yeah, baby!

Now I need to find a plow and a disc for it. Went to a couple of the local recycling places and left my name and number if anyone brings any implements in for scrap. Along with the promise of a case of beer if they hook me up. Yeah, beer is a pretty good motivator for most guys.

One of my coworkers says he may have some equipment that would be just right for that size little tractor out at his dad's place. Hopefully that'll pan out. It may cost me a bottle of Makers Mark along with a bit of cash, but that's ok. It'll still be cheaper than anything I've seen on Craigslist. Everything I've seen on craigslist seems to be selling at collector or antique decoration prices. I just want something to make expanding the garden easier this Spring.

Spring has to be coming because I've already got a stack of Seed Catalogs sitting here. I have to figure out a way to decrease the amount of chicken feed I buy and provide more of it myself. This time of year it gets expensive and I gotta figure out what I can do to fix that.

Heard on the radio this morning that there's no inflation going on and that's a damn good thing.
Chicken feed has gone up by $2.75/bag in the last year or so, but it's damn good to know that there's no inflation happening.
Gas is back up over $3 bucks a gallon. But that's ok since there's no inflation going on.

I doubt I have say anything about grocery prices, do I? I mean, shit, the Sonzabitches in Washington say, "Inflation ain't happening" so it must be so.

No, that's right ain't it? No inflation? Happy days are here again and all That?

Do these Peckerheads really think no one is noticing that the prices of everything is going up?
This shit would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Afternoon-

Yeah, sometimes things just ain't as rosy as ya think.

Bonus Friday Videos-
Diana Krall Edition.

Damn, she's good.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Like Stupid Shit isn't Said Everyday on the Web????????

But don't say anything that may scare our political class or you may be pissing away your 1st AND 2nd amendment rights.
At least in Massachusetts. For now.

Arlington Man Loses Gun License Due To Blog About Tucson Shooting

"It was the headline “1 down and 534 to go” that caught the attention. “One” refers to Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head in the rampage, while 534 refers to the other members of the U.S. House and Senate."

Yeah, not real polite.
Reason enough for the police to take your license AND come and take your firearms away?

Not hardly.
There is nowhere this can go that ain't bad.

Jeezus H, SOMEBODY had to have pointed out the obvious violations of this action and they did it anyway?
So much for that oath to "Protect and Defend the Constitution".
Yes, TJIC, the guy who is getting his ass screwed in all this will make out in court if it ever gets there, but why did these assholes even think they could do this in the 1st place?

Damn. This shit pisses me the hell off.

Hat tips to OG.
Mr.B (who supplied the picture above).
Borepatch who points out the obvious -
"Look, guys, if you think that his speech rises to the level of an actual threat of specific harm to specific persons, he should be in jail. If you're not sure, then do the leg work to establish whether it is or not."
Borepatch has a lot more to say on this and I advise you read it all.

And yes, I am TJIC.

Gratuitous Picture for a Thursday Night-

This is Good.........

Via Michelle Malkin- Scissors-wielding abortionist arrested on multiple murder counts

"An abortion doctor killed hundreds of babies by cutting their spinal cords with scissors after removing them from mothers late in their pregnancies, prosecutors said on Wednesday."

Fox News reports (In the video if you didn't watch it)- "Williams said during a press conference Wednesday that Gosnell "induced labor, forced the live birth of viable babies in the sixth, seventh, eighth month of pregnancy and then killed those babies by cutting into the back of the neck with scissors and severing their spinal cord."

Like everything the Left advocates, It's for, "The Children" right?
Evil. That's all it is.

Gratuitous Picture for a Thursday Afternoon-

My pet possum.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr. Day.............

Today is indeed Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Established in 1983 and signed into law by President Regan.

It seems odd that, other than no postal service today, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot in the web news sites noting the fact that today is a National Holiday. I'm not sure what that's all about or if it means anything, but one would think with all the calls for unity and civility after the recent shooting in Tuscon folks may want to consider the ideas and ideals of the late preacher.

Makes sense to me, but I've always admired Rev. King.
Between running in and out and doing chores today, I've been re-reading Kings' - "Letter from a Birmingham Jail".

It's been quite awhile since I last read this and I'd forgotten just how powerful it is. I use the present tense there because much of that letter speaks directly what's going on in the USA today. Different time and situation but the truth of his words are still correct.

What's going on today is gonna harm Blacks & Whites equally. Somehow, I'm doubting that the shared enslavement of all races to an all encompassing, tyrannical government was part of what Rev. King had in mind regarding, "Equal Justice for all". Just a guess on my part.

Take a few and go read That Letter and see what you think.

I'm old enough to remember those bad old days of segregation and I'm glad that we've moved on from that shit.
That's one of the reasons I get so angry when the leftists and statist media routinely toss charges of, "Racism" towards anyone who disagrees with them on any damn thing.
I've known and served alongside too many damn fine Black People to have to listen to accusations like that from Socialist Shitheads who don't know shit about me or what I think.
And they have the damn gall to tell ME to be, "More Civil" in my discourse? Screw that and them.

Hell, I'm supporting Herman Cain for President in 2012 and would urge you to do the same.
Like Rev. King said, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." Amen to that.

Just maybe the rapid march to tyranny wouldn't be so going fast if voters had been given some insight into the character of the current President and been able to make an informed judgment prior to voting for that Socialist Bastard. Yeah, I'm talking to the same Sonzabitches in the media that call me racist a, "Bitter Clinger" and a "Domestic Extremist", etc. Fuck all a y'all.

That's enough for now. My blood pressure probably doesn't need any more of this.

Gratuitous Picture for a Monday Evening-

This Should Not Happen.............
No adult should wake up with this song stuck in their head.

Maybe if I share it with ya here it'll get washed out of my head.
It certainly is a persistent earworm.

The weekend work shifts are over and we're back to whatever is considered normal here at the GrumpyUnk Command and Control Bunker now. Busy weekend in the ER and it wore my old ass out. I slept like a welfare whore and didn't get up till 9am this morning. Cup of coffee #3 is almost finished and I'm almost ready to get my day going.

Maybe a little Bryan Lee will help flush that Disney crap out of my head.

Not the best video but definitely helps as an earworm killer.

Gratuitous Picture for a Monday Morning-
You figure it out.

Friday, January 14, 2011

"Back Home Again in Indiana........."

Actually, I never left Indiana. I just like that for a title.

Back home at the GrumpyUnk Command and Control Bunker after a few days incommunicado with family I don't see much. Hell, I don't any of my family much.

Back to work tomorrow for the usual weekend of Zombie Care in the ER. Damn, I look forward to seeing them. Scary part is, I see these Zombies so often I know the kids birthdays. Oh well. It's good to have a job.

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Evening-

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I've Been Unhooked........
I've been away from home this week and have had no access to a computer. Sorry about that.

The GrumpyUnk Southern Command and Control Bunker Communications Center is lacking. Oh well.
I'll be back at the home shack tomorrow sometime and will catch up with ya then.


Sunday, January 09, 2011

Late Night Stuff........

Rough Saturday in the ER. Saw this and just had to share.

Magic Moments in Politics-

Dammit, That was beautiful.

Gratuitous Picture for a Late Saturday/Early Sunday Morning-

Swiped this from OG

Friday, January 07, 2011

Some Music for Ya...............

Friday seems like a good time for some Jeff Beck.

His technique is amazing. Look at how much he's doing with his Right hand. Incredible.
And did you check out that Bass player??? Wow. On a couple of levels.

Couldn't find a really good live version of this one so you get the album cut.

I think the SOB is just showing off here.

What the hell. One more.

Gratuitous Picture-

So What Did You Do Today, Unk???????

Cut more wood. Seems to be the trend this week.
Oh, and my poor out of shape ass is sore as hell tonight. Thank you very much.

Much smaller than the one earlier this week.

4-5 hours later it was all in a nice pile like this, only bigger.

I really enjoy this kinda work. Good for ya and gives you a nice feeling of accomplishment when you're done.

Splitting all of this is gonna require me bribing my buddy for the use of his log splitter again. A couple cases of beer is a small price to pay for the use of that tool.

I have a rule about tools. If you have to borrow or rent one more than once, you need to buy one.
Damn. I'm gonna have to figure out a way, because I sure as hell can't afford one right now.
I could use a bit of that TARP money that was wasted on the "Stimulus". At least there'd be something to show for it if any of it had come my way.

Curses, Foiled Again!

Some of you old farts may recognize that guy there.

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Night-

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Lumberjacking Continued Today.........

Went out and just about finished getting that huge Sycamore tree cut up today. Just a few limbs to trim and it's all done.

Every time I use this new chainsaw I'm more impressed with it. Hot damn, Skippy!

That's a big ass tree there. I paced it off at around 90 feet. About 40 inches there at the base.

Yes, I know this ain't shit to a real Lumberjack. But I ain't a Real Lumberjack.

These are REAL Lumberjacks with a genuine "Big Ass Tree-

And those dudes cut them down BY HAND! Can you imagine that shit?
Unf**king believable.

That be some BadAss Dudes There. Shit. I'd like to just SEE a tree that damn big. You have to admit, it'd only take one of those big bastards to supply firewood for a long time!

The Wife has run the numbers and so far the woodstove has cut our heating bill $300 compared to last year in Nov and Dec. This thing is gonna pay for it's self pretty damn quick at that rate.

And even though it's a lot like work, I enjoy the whole process of gathering wood so that's a plus.

No telling how long it'll be before the EnviroNazis try to stop home wood burning, but you know it's coming somewhere down the road. We'll deal with that as it comes I guess.
Screw that. I equate my chainsaws the same as my firearms. Molan Labe, Bitches.

I mentioned yesterday that there are 10-15 trees that need to be thinned out to allow some more sunshine on the Garden area?
Shit. After doing a count today, there are at least that many in the same size range as that big one in the picture above and 3 times that in the 10-12" diameter size that need to go.

Now, I've always had a strict, "Cut 1, Plant 2" rule here, but damn, that could get real expensive before this is all done. Doesn't matter, we'll stick with that plan and drive on. They may not be the same types of trees, as I've been planting Fruit and Nut trees instead of replacing the Maples, Sycamores, Gum, Wild Cherry, Oak or Poplars that have been chopped down, but the 2-1 ratio has been consistent. Hell, if you count the ones I planted that didn't grow it's an easy 4-1 at this point. I'm curious to see how many of the trees I planted last year come back this Spring after the drought we had last Year. I'm fairly confident that most of the 15 or so I planted didn't make it. Just couldn't get them watered consistently. Good thing I got them cheap.

Gratuitous Picture for a Thursday Night-
Remember. Cut By Hand. Saw and Axe.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Lumberjacking Today............

Never to early to start on next years stock. I have to clear out a group of trees that are shading the garden a bit to much and figured today was as good a day as any to get started.

The new chainsaw is a monster.
I'm not & that's for sure.
Being off and sitting on my ass for 8-9 weeks after surgery took my already weakass and pretty much turned me into The Pillsbury Dough Boy.

That saw seemed heavier today than it did a few months ago. So it's a win all around. More Sunlight on the garden, some firewood and my fat, spongy ass gets a much needed workout.
I've got at least 10-15 trees of various sizes that need to go. The plan is to plant some more fruit trees in the area of new Sunshine and a few more Pecan trees further back from things.

Lots of work ahead. It's all good.

Gratuitous Music today instead of Pictures-
It's always good to start with, The Queen of Soul.

Great version from a great movie-

And we gotta have some Sly Stone here today-

One of my all time favorite grooves-

One more from that same album-

What the hell. Gratuitous Picture Anyway-

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tuesday Evening Update.....
Things have been kinda slow around here as of late and I apologize to all 3 of ya for that. Holidays, etc, blah, blah, blah.

Took the little Blue Truck into the shop today to figure out just WTF was causing this weird noise and vibration. I had another mechanic look at it a week ago and he told me he couldn't figure out what I was talking about.
I knew something was wrong with it and was starting to obsess over it. Odd noises/vibrations like that are never good and all I could think of was being stranded on the side of the road at 1 am in a snowstorm.

Been there once before and didn't much care for it so I was determined to get this sorted out.
As luck would have it, the mechanic, (Who's hearing is a lot better than mine) drove it about 6 blocks and determined that a U Joint was going bad.

Good news indeed. Solved the mystery of WTF was the source of the vibration, U Joints are a cheap fix and it made me feel better in that I KNEW something was not right.

So we got that fixed along with an oil change, etc and all is right for now and it didn't cost me a bloody fortune. Good deal. I got the feeling I'm gonna need that extra cash in the near future.

Not that the Federal Reserve Notes are likely to be worth anything if something doesn't change big time pretty damn soon.

Which reminds me of something I saw today at Western Rifle Shooters.
This nice chart from Karl Denninger at Market Ticker-

Denninger is a whole lot smarter than me and he's been spot on with things financial since before the implosion began.

Meaning, he seems to have his shit together and know WTF he's talking about.
So you may just want to start following what he has to say about things and do whatever it is with that knowledge that seems appropriate to you.

Right after I read the Denninger article, I needed a bit of levity to help balance things out so I went over to Hope and Change Cartoons because I haven't been there for a few days to find this-

(click to embigginate cartoon)

"The first big news story of 2011 is that Baby Boomers are turning 65 and will be added to the rolls of the rate of 10,000 per day, every day, for the next 19 years."

Oh shit. 10,000 a day.
What kinda strain is that gonna add to an already, "No Fucking Way Can This Keep Up Now" economy?

Now this is just a WAG (Wild Ass Guess) but I gotta think that there is no way in Hell that there's any damn way that we can continue on the present course of spending as we currently are.

Feel free to correct me about this if you can as I'd like to not think that we are all boned. Even if the mathematics say we are.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Monday Shout Outs.........

Someone named, ED sent me an article via email relating to The annual, Post Holiday Die Off I mentioned the other day.

What I've read seems to Kinda, sorta correlate with my observation. So, thanks Ed & if I could figure out what the hell kinda email address that was I'd have sent ya a reply.

Bashing William is going to be heading off to Washington, DC to be part of Guardians of Liberty siege that begins on January 21st.

I can't tell ya how much this impresses me that a guy from Texas is heading all the way to DC because he believes so strongly about trying to pull our country back from the brink.
I'm sending him a small donation directly, but I'd ask anyone who can to help out by giving whatever you can to Donate or do what you can closer to home.

Gotta run. Just gotta call from the ER and they need some help tonight. Since I need the cash, I'm heading in.

Gratuitous Picture for a Monday-

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year All...........

While you all are nursing your hangovers, I'll be doing the same thing for Zombies in the ER today.
Yes, people do go to the ER for Hangovers.

May we all have a better year and happy 1/1/11.

Gratuititous Picture for New Years Day-