Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Evening Crap...........

Not much to comment about around here except all the political stuff with the midterms Tuesday.

The Democrats are gonna get a well earned ass kicking and a new bunch of Republican Fart Blossoms can come in a keep the seats warm while the economy sinks like the Titanic.

But hey, there's a shitload of political pundits out there to read and I'm just not up to it right now.

But I did see something friggin' hilarious at David Codrea's War on Guns site today.

Read this court document that was Submitted to the Ninth Circuit Court on behalf of Mr Hupp.

Here's just a tiny bit to tease you -

"Plaintiff has news for these slime ball, piece of shit, ass clownjudges (Bowie, Canby,
6 Thomas and Fletcher-this means you) that think they are going to rig the system and railroad the
7 poor and innocent- such as blocking the discovery process so the poor cannot defend themselves,
8 commit perjury in their orders and a host of other constitutional violations, and do it with
9 impunity that is simply not going to happen in this case. You cock suckers are now on notice."

It gets better.

I'm thinking that might not be the best way to start a relationship with judges.............. But hey, what do I know?

Weasel Zippers has a post just guaranteed to piss off NPR and the like -

“Massive inbreeding within the Muslim culture during the last 1,400 years may have done catastrophic damage to their gene pool.”

Nope. Don't see that making to many friends with the, Religion of Pieces folks.
Not that I give a shit.

If you're a WWII geek like me, here's some interesting WWII info via My Way News

"Britain's National Archives on Friday made public a previously classified account of Hitler provided by a 19-year-old Austrian deserter, who described the dictator as paranoid about being watched by others and short-tempered during meetings.

"He is mild on personal contact but apt to bang tables and shout during conferences," according to the account given by a prisoner of war identified as SS Schuetze Obernigg. He was said to have been at Hitler's retreat in Obersalzberg in the Bavarian Alps between 1943 and 1944."

Here's a link to the British National Archives where you can download the full PDF file.
You're welcome.

Gratuitous Picture for a
Friday Night-

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Narcotic Laced Post............

Mr Vicoprofen, my new best friend, informs me I should post something today. So here goes.

From Op-Toons comes this interesting news report-
"Obama Holds Huge Rallies at Unemployment Offices Around the Country"

"Thank you all for coming," said Obama to a capacity crowd who streamed in lines between the cubicles of unemployment officers. "It's a testament to your faith in Democratic economic policies that you've all come here today to hear my message, and to collect your checks."
There's a great picture too.

Via Right Wing News-

"Add Tattoo Artists To The List Of People You Don’t Want Angry At You"

"A 21-YEAR-OLD man has been charged by police in Ipswich for allegedly tattooing a penis on a man's back - instead of the image he had requested."
Well, that certainly makes sense. No damn picture though.

Stormbringer has 2 great "Compare and Contrast" posts today. They are photo based so you'll just have to go see 'em as I just can't swipe 'em.

#1. Desk Issues

#2 The Difference between the USA and a Muslim Country explained
Yep, if a picture is worth a thousand words................... Just go see.

OK, I'm gonna go back to my stupor now.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mark Steyn Nails It............

Saw this over at Western Rifle Shooters this morning-


It's not a long essay, but just giving you an excerpt won't suffice. You really do need to read the whole thing. Steyn is a friggin' genius at getting right down to the nub of things and making it interesting in the process.

So go read it.

Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Morning-

Tom Joad says, Hi!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Was Gonna Go.............

Buy some tools at Sears. Maybe not now.

Pretty catchy advertising really. Seasonal and all that. Beats the hell out of having the damn Christmas displays up already like most places do.

Speaking of Christmas, Say Uncle links to a Tactical Christmas Stocking! Just the thing
for the Mall Ninja in your life.

OK. Time for a nap. Pain medicine is getting the best of me.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

By Request.............

I got an inquiry via email asking, "Just what kind of surgery did you have anyway?"

So after an exhausting search of about 20 seconds at Google for, Radical Fasciotomy here's pretty much it-

This picture is from the link above and is NOT my foot.

Given where the problem on my foot was, I'm guessing that's pretty similar to what my foot looked like the other day though.

Yeah, they slice the hell out of ya and then cut all the funky shit out.

Sorta explains why I'm getting real, Buddy Buddy with Mr Vicoprofen here.

The good news is that once that crap is out of there it'll be no more problem walking.

The bad news is pretty obvious. That shit hurts right now. But hey, it'll get better!

OK, there's yer answer, Dude.

For those of you interested in this sort of thing, here's Another article for ya with a picture of the nasty crap cut out-

Slice & Dice, Baby!

Gratuitous Picture for a Sunday Afternoon-

Kid with a future.
Sunday Afternoon............

Lazy Day. I got nothin'.

My ass is sore from sitting so much since the surgery. Normally, I just don't spend all that that much time sitting, but that's about all I can do right now.
So that's what I gotta do till things get better.

Fortunately, Mr Vicoprofen is here with me to keep me company. But mixing crutches, no depth perception and narcotics has led to me falling on my ass once already.

Who would have thought that just getting up to take a leak could be so exciting?

Seriously, I'm goofy enough without Narcs. I'll be glad when I don't need them in a few days or whatever.

Carry on, Kids.

Gratuitous Picture for a Sunday Afternoon-
Joe, What the hell are you doing there?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Morning Link Dump...............

I've got a slew of crap here for ya this morning. Some good. Some bad and some funny.

Let's start with the funny. I have no idea if this is really from a theme paper at college. Doesn't matter. It was funny back when I first saw it and it's still funny now.

Read this one for a good laugh - Chamomile Tea

Drunk people do some silly shit, but seriously, WTF is this shit about?

When I was growing up, every kid wanted a Batmobile. Well, wish no more. Get your wallet out and go buy one.

Chinese History Professor in 30 years-

Airplane crashes are not supposed to be caused by a Friggin' Crocodile

Aircraft crashes after crocodile on board escapes and sparks panic

"A small airliner crashed into a house, killing a British pilot and 19 others after a crocodile smuggled into the aircraft in a sports bag escaped and started a panic."

And lastly, a little financial news from Monty at AoS that's just guaranteed to perk you right up - Financial Briefing: We haven't reached DOOM yet, but you can see it from here

OK. I'm gonna go hit the couch and keep this foot iced and elevated.
Vicoprofen. It's what's for dinner!

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Surgery Update...........

So far so good. Things went pretty smooth with the procedure itself. The Doc was amazed that I've been walking around with shit that big in the bottom of my foot.
He said something along the lines of, "When I opened your foot up the damn thing winked at me."

Yep, try putting a sharp rock (3 actually) about the size of a marble in your shoe and walk on it all day. That's why that crap had to go.
He did a nerve block on the whole foot that has held up pretty well in keeping the pain down so far, but I can feel it wearing off a bit and expect to be needing those pain pills he prescribed before long.

Keeping things elevated and using this groovy cooling device they sent home with me all day.

I'm gonna drive the
wife nuts with having to have her fetch and carry everything for me. I'm already feeling sorry for her. You can't even carry a cup of coffee while hobbling around on crutches. I had forgotten these things.

let's just hope everything heals up quick and I can get back to being my normal annoying self.

All things considered, everything's good.

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Night-

Off to the Surgery Center......

Going to see the surgeon to get the foot fixed in a few minutes.
I'll give ya an update on how the slice & dice goes later.

The forecast for today is, "Hazy this morning with Pain moving in later today."

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Morning-
"What, Me Worry?"

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Woodchoppers Ball..............

KidK and GentleBen showed up yesterday afternoon with a big ass wood splitter!

Wow. Unbelievable how much you can get done with the proper tool. In a little over 3 hours they split what would have taken me 2 weeks to split by hand.
I'm gonna have to figure out a way to build or buy one.

This is kinda how it went-

Yeah, that fast and easy.

I just wanted to say, THANKS for the help fellas.
KidK & GentleBen for bringing it over and doing the bulk of the work and to SmokeStackJack for letting us use that great piece of equipment.

I'll tell ya, I have good friends and damn sure appreciate it.

Gratuitous Picture for a Wednesday-

I need a sign like that.
Early Morning Range Trip Today...........

Went to the range with good friend and personal go to firearms guy, MIniD this morning. Took the PSL and got a bit more familiar with it.

I really need to shoot this thing more often.
I was all over the place and had no consistency at all.

Guess I just need to get out there and shoot the thing more - Duh.

Had a good time anyway. It's always nice to get out there and shoot, learn some things and be verbally abused by MIniD.
I keep telling him he should either work on a stand up comic act or write a book. Yeah, He really is a funny guy.

Just got the rifle all cleaned and darn if I don't see a nap in the future today. The Firewood Squad showed up yesterday and wore my ass out. Tell ya about that later.

Gratuitous Picture for a Wednesday Afternoon-

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hey! It's Tuesday...........

Looks like I missed yesterday. Oops. Busy working on the firewood project.

We had a little excitement yesterday afternoon, provided by a Zombie who drives to fast on country roads and had a bit of difficulty maintaining his place on the pavement.

I had made a beer run to the little store up the road and while returning (Me puttzing along at 35 mph) some Schmuck passed me in the middle of a series of hills damn near forcing me off the road to avoid being sideswiped. I gave him a genial 1 finger wave and wished him a nice day while hoped to myself that he would soon die of painful rectal itch or some rabid weasels would take up residence in his crotch.

So it didn't surprise me some 2-3 miles later to crest a hill and see that same car sitting cross the road all smashed to shit with steam rising from the crushed radiator.

Seems he'd crested that hill way to fast and in the middle of the road and there was a farm truck coming the other way.

Oooops! The farmer took to the ditch on his side and the Zombie kid over corrected, and went in the ditch on the other side and hit a tree or 2 ending up in the road about 60 feet from my driveway.

Being the dedicated ER type guy, I went and checked everyone out, while not to silently hoping that the driver had removed himself from the gene pool.
No such luck, he was fine.

He and his passenger were belted in and the airbags deployed, sparing them both major injury. The cops, Firemen, EMS and the "OH NO SQUAD" all showed up in short order and took control of things, packaging his fat, ugly passenger and transporting her to the ER.

The "OH NO SQUAD" shows up at any and all events like this. You know the type. They're the ones who stand around getting in the way of folks and muttering, "Oh No". Other Oh No Squad Members will always show up at the ER and cause a scene there while being a pain in the ass.

Don't be one of those people, OK?

Here's John Prine on, Accidents-

Got up early this morning and ran into town to get my pre-op blood work done. Looks like, KidK is bringing his log splitter over in a while and we should really get down to wood splitting.

Should be fun. It's always fun doing things with KidK and I'm a lucky guy to have a friend like him. Maybe I'll get a picture today of the wood pile or some boring shit like that.

OK. Enjoy your day I know that I will.

Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Morning-

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Morning Coming Down...............

It seems that, everyone's TV MOM, June Cleaver passed away yesterday. Wow, Beavers Mom was 94.
So Long, June.

DogBoy and I were talking music the other day and we both like Led Zep. I believe it was '75 when I saw them in Chicago. Plant's voice sounds screamed out here but hell, he was always the weakest link anyway. Page's guitar work is fabulous-

It's a Beautiful Sunday Morning here in Southern Indiana and I am gonna go sit outside and enjoy it. Since I didn't take that Bike ride yesterday, I may just do that today.
Sorta like this maybe-

Here's a good soundtrack for the day-

Enjoy yourselves Kids.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's Saturday and I Am Not in the ER...............

That's a nice change! This is the first Saturday I've had off in quite some time. Am I doing something special you ask?

You'd have thought that I would have made some sort of plans for something to do.
But you'd have been wrong. I'm to short sighted for that. That and I ache pretty much all over from busting my hump on the wood gathering project the last 2 days.

The weather is absolutely beautiful though so I think I'll wheel the, BigBluePlasticMotorcycle out of the garage and take a ride.

Here's a great video to watch-

Edit - OK. I just saw this over at Ace of Spades and had to post this for ya-

That's some crazy shit there.

Gratuitous Picture for a Saturday Morning-

Friday, October 15, 2010

DogBoy Takes Names and Kicks Ass..........

DogBoy, that's the youngest son. He came down and helped me on the wood gathering project today.

Man, I used to be able to swing a maul like that too.

Let me tell ya, it's been awhile though.
The kid kicked ass. We got a shitload split and stacked. Between what I did yesterday and our work today there's about a cord and a half of wood all looking good out there now. I've had close to a cord split already, so I'm way better than I was just 2 days ago.

Dogboy really moved things along today.
And I've still got a week left yet so I should have a good stock of wood prior to the surgery.

Fortunately, the wood heat is a secondary, auxiliary heat source and not the primary.

All in all I'm feeling a lot better about things than I was.

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Night-

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wood Gathering Time..............

Since I've got the new woodstove in and a shitload of wood cut already, I figured I better get after it and split some of this stuff.

Now splitting wood with a maul is not up on the top of my list of, "favorite things to do", but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

I've got a promise from a very reliable friend on the use of his log splitter. Problem is, with my upcoming surgery, I have a pretty limited time frame to get things done.

Seems like I'm not the only one with this idea either. I called a couple of rental places today and they are all being used and or locked in till next week some time.

So I said, "Screw it" and went after things with the maul today.

Lord am I out of shape! Once upon a time I kinda liked splitting wood. I took it easy and paced myself so I'm not crippled tomorrow and still got a pretty good bit split.

There were 2 trees on the ground that I had cut 2-3 weeks ago that needed cut up too. My old Homelite Super XL decided that it didn't like the clutch any more and puked
that out just after dropping them. The old saw has been nickle and diming me to death lately so I broke down and bought one of these the other day.

It's a pretty ass kick saw. So much nicer to use than the old one.

24" bar, blah, blah, blah. Damn nice saw.
The 5 year warranty and the lifetime warranty on the coil/electrics were what sold me.

Cheaper than a comparable Stihl by at least a hundred bucks, too. And let's face it, every dollar counts these days.

So I'm gonna be getting wood split and stacked over the next week or so. Winter ain't that far off and I only have a cord split and ready now. I probably have 4-5 cords cut and dried that need splitting already. And that's not counting the 2 trees I cut up up today.

I REALLY hope that logsplitter shows up!

Gratuitous Picture -

Stop It. Tell Me What You Really Think................

Vanderleun Goes, All in
on how he thinks the President will react after the midterm elections coming up.

"In the backwash there will be expectations of Obama "triangulating" and scuttling crabwise and widdershins towards "the center." Even now various contractual pundits are filling their online and on-air blatherfests with this foolishness simply because they have nothing else to say. Only the shabby history of the Clinton debacle informs them.

The chances of a "move to the center" on the part of this preening narcissist are exactly zero. It's not about governing. It's not about the "Democrats." It's not about what is "good for America." It's about none of those things and precisely about.... the Seinfeldian nothing. It's about the big zero, President O, who will do what he set out to do, fulfill his own internal vision of his "destiny."

And in that vision what is good for O is what is bad for America. It's not really that the current desk jockey in the Oval office is incompetent. He's not. He's always gotten exactly what he wanted through a clever triangulation of his own interests, the personal interests of others, and dullness of others so besotted with leftist pap that if they don't hate the country that gave them everything, have little use for it."

It gets better. Read the whole thing.

H/T - Western Rifle Shooters
You are reading these folks I have in the links column over there --> Right?

Gratuitous Picture for a Thursday Evening-

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I almost Forgot What a Rainstorm...........

Looks like.

Raining to beat hell out there. We've gotten more rain in the last few hours than we have since ................ Oh, I don't know, June? This is only the 3rd time it's even rained here since the 4th of July so I'm just guessing here.

I'm on vacation this week and it gave me the opportunity to spend a rainy afternoon just sitting in a chair and reading.

Reading what you ask? Well duh.
The new Monster Hunter Vendetta by Larry Correia.

Great book. Read Monster Hunter International first if you can. But if you can't, no big deal. Vendetta is great and reading the original MHI just adds to the understanding of things somewhat.

I rushed through it in bits and pieces and need to read it again slowly to pick up everything I missed.

Still raining out there so I'll turn it over to Clapton-

Gratuitous Picture for a Wednesday Afternoon-
I am gonna miss the Garden Help.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Time For an, "I Told You So" Yet??????????

Yep. If you thought I was just my usual paranoid self Back in January and May of this year, think again.

They Really ARE Going To Steal Your Pension/Retirement Money, Folks!

Really. I was NOT shitting you on this.

"Democrats in the Senate on Thursday held a recess hearing covering a taxpayer bailout of union pensions and a plan to seize private 401(k) plans to more "fairly" distribute taxpayer-funded pensions to everyone.

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), Chairman of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee heard from hand-picked witnesses advocating the infamous "Guaranteed Retirement Account" (GRA) authored by Theresa Guilarducci...."

"In a nutshell, under the GRA system government would seize private 401(k) accounts, setting up an additional 5% mandatory payroll tax to dole out a "fair" pension to everyone using that confiscated money coupled with the mandated contributions

Read the whole article. Here's a little nugget buried in there about some of the folks behind this idea- "The EPI is housed on the third floor of the building occupied by the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress.........." Oh Shit. This is worse than I thought.
You really do need to read this crap and pay attention here.

I still ain't the guy to give investment advice to anyone, but seriously, how is this gonna impact you and just what are you gonna do about this?

I'm open to suggestions here because I've already lost 40% or more of my retirement investments and may be just as well off with whatever kind of BS they are planning.
No, I kinda doubt that, but what the hell. I'm at a loss right this minute to come up with a great idea on how to deal with this other than take the loss and cash out of what little I still have and pay off the mortgage and purchase tangible goods.

I'm listening.

Gratuitous Picture for a Monday Night-

Sunday, October 10, 2010

From the, "Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time" File...........

Comes this-

Yes. Back in my drinking days, given the proper amount of alcohol and the means, I could see this happening to me.
Via Theo Spark

Gratuitous Picture for a Sunday Morning-

Friday, October 08, 2010

Baby Taken From Family in New Hampshire, Why???????

Details are kinda sketchy at this point, but it appears that the State of New Hampshire stole a newborn away from the parents for...............No good reason really.

Seems dad is a a member of Oath Keepers. The link takes you to their statement about this.

I saw this at Mayberry's Place a few minutes ago and he links to another story on this Here.

As I mentioned in the comments at Mayberry's place, there ARE legitimate reasons to take a newborn from the parents. But they are damn few. Being a member of Oath Keepers sure the hell ain't one of them.

There fer damn sure better be more to this or.............. Something bad, Something real bad, should fall on everyone involved.

I'll post any news I find about this. It's just this kind of shit that becomes the little pebble that starts the avalanche.
Hopefully, this doesn't get all twisted up by the media. I'm not gonna hold out much hope for that.
We'll have to be patient and see how this shakes out. But damn. If I was that kids dad I'd be hard pressed to not begin taking scalps.

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Night-

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Now This is Hilarious............

In that delicious irony kinda way.

Blood Suckers Menaced By Blood Suckers!
"The IRS has become infested with bedbugs:"

That just seems so fitting.

Gratuitous Picture for a Thursday-

This is a Good Start..............

And hopefully will lead to a happy ending.

Scientists and Soldiers Solve a Bee Mystery

"Since 2006, 20 to 40 percent of the bee colonies in the United States alone have suffered “colony collapse.” Suspected culprits ranged from pesticides to genetically modified food.

Now, a unique partnership — of military scientists and entomologists — appears to have achieved a major breakthrough: identifying a new suspect, or two......"

Extremely interesting the technology that was used to find this out.

Hopefully they can come up with something to solve the rest of this and a cure.

Gratuitous picture for a Thursday Morning-

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Busy Day Today............

But very productive. Check this out-

Sorry about the crappy cellphone picture, but that's what I had.

I'm pretty stoked about this finally getting all installed.
Hopefully will save a bit on the heating bills this Winter and it'll darn sure come in handy when the power inevitably goes some cold night.

Just like every Winter.
So it's nice to have a back up in place so we don't freeze our asses off.

I've got to get splitting wood. I've got some already split, but I'm gonna need more.
I've got a bunch cut, stacked and dried (Thanks to the drought around here) now. Just gonna have to rent a splitter.

My back won't take to much hand splitting, especially right now. I feel about a million years old for some reason. The back has been hurting bad for the last several days and I have no idea why.
Usually I am very aware of whatever dumbass thing I did to make the back hurt. No clue this time.

Oh well. Just the way it is. While it slowed me down some today it didn't keep me from getting this all done and increasing my Carbon Footprint.

Gratuitous Picture for a Wednesday-

Seems Like I've Heard This Before................

Are we raising a generation of nincompoops?

"Are we raising a generation of nincompoops? And do we have only ourselves to blame? Or are some of these things simply the result of kids growing up with push-button technology in an era when mechanical devices are gradually being replaced by electronics?"

Oh Hell. Y'all already know that I'm a Grumpy Old Bastard so I'll just add this - "It's not just the young ones".
I mean, have you dealt with their parents lately?
I'll say it again. The parody below is based entirely on fact.

It's no wonder kids are dumb shits when they are being raised by dumb shits.

Gratuitous Picture for a Wednesday Afternoon-

Monday, October 04, 2010

Christmas in October............

Finally got my Christmas present today.

My kids went together and bought me a ride in a 1942 Stearman Biplane. And today I finally got up in the thing.

Yeah, a bit of a wait, but Boy oh Boy was it worth it.

Looks like this-

I had to reschedule this thing several times due to weather and timing conflicts, but today I got it done and............... Wow!

Just about the funnist thing a guy can do while keeping his clothes on!

Yes, I know there is no such word as, Funnist. But that just describes it best so that's that.

The pilot, Monty, was very cool and a total pro. Explained everything as we went along, from pre-flight to take off and beyond. Gave me a little background on the thing and was very good at picking up on the parts that I found interesting and elaborating further on them. He really made the flight fun with his humor and knowledge.

We had barely made it up to 1000' when he turned the thing over to me. I wasn't expecting that at all. He just talked me through what I had to do and then let me have at it!

I've had the controls of a Cesna 172 before but this was quite a bit different. This thing has a friggin' stick & Not a steering wheel- Which means. Totally cool.

Surprisingly easy to fly. Took almost no real input to make it go where you wanted it to. He ran me through a few turns and what not and then showed me just how maneuverable it was.
Monty had done Crop Dusting for 20+ years and he showed me how to REALLY turn it around in a hurry!
Now, we were up about 800+ feet when he pulled that U-Turn. I can't imagine doing that at 10 feet off the ground.

Hot Damn, that was fun!

He was all business and there was never any doubt about him being the man in charge, though. I don't want to give the impression that he was unsafe. Quite the contrary. He was totally in command at all times. I could tell he was completely at home up there and had total confidence in him & that made the flight even better.

It was easy to see that, Monty is one of those rare, and lucky individuals, who truly has found the perfect job.

I rode "ThebigBluePlasticMotorcycle" up to the airfield today and that was another bonus. Damn. It's been 3 weeks since I even was on that thing. Ought to have my ass kicked for that. Having a motorcycle is still about the best therapy a guy can have.

So, all around great day and a "Merry Christmas" to all of you!
Now, all I have to do is figure out a way to come up with a shitload of money so I can take a good long ride next time!

Gratuitous Picture for a flying Monday-

Here's Monty giving y'all a thumbs up.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Saturday Morning Reading Club.............

Couple of things to read and ponder on this weekend.

Via Western Rifle Shooters comes this- Things fall apart…….

No. Not inspirational but you should think on it anyway.

Next is 2012 by Kevin at Smallest Minority.
You'll have to read the links too.

Gotta run. The ER calls.

Gratuitous Picture for a Saturday-