Friday, July 18, 2008

We'll Cross That Bridge When We Come to it, Mary Jo.......

Or so said Teddy.

Tam reminds me that 39 years ago today, Ted Kennedy took young Miss
Mary Jo Kopechne for the ride of her life. Or something like that anyway.

That he didn't stay down in the drink with her was a damn shame. The Rotten Bastard.

And 39 years later, Teddy and his Oldsmobile can still boast of killing more people than me and my firearms. Or anyone else I know for that matter.

But looking at the bright side, his murder of the young lady, probably saved us from him ever being President.

And gave the Hardy Boys something to investigate.

And of course, time to write his own books.

Nice to see that the family has planned ahead, too.

You may have figured it out by now that I have a pretty low opinion of Teddy. I think he's earned all the animosity he gets. No, I'm not glad he has cancer. I don't hate anyone that much. But I can't say I'll miss 'em when he goes.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

If You've Ever Wondered What it Meant to be Truly "Dedicated"..........

To getting the job done.

Wonder no more.

From the Daily Mail comes this - - Man cuts off own head with chainsaw after flat is earmarked to be bulldozed by developers

That's Dedication, kids.
I mean, really. How do you even do that?

"I'll take, Unique ways to off yourself, for 500, Alex."

He probably needed to go here and talk to Cecil.

H/T to Ace

Fresh Kentucky Peaches .........
Decided the other day that I needed to spend the day on TheBigBluePlasticKawasaki and gas prices be damned, I was gonna go for a good long ride.

Wonderful thing a motorcycle is for your mental hygiene. My always questionable level of psychotic stability has been stretched a bit further than is good for it this year and a good long ride was a very good thing.

And I found that the peaches are ripe in Kentucky. And that's a good enough reason to go riding as any I can come up with.

The plan I had went out the window before I got 30 miles from home. That's not a bad thing and that's pretty much how most days go when I'm riding by myself. I hit a detour and got sent on a long round about that was absolutely wonderful. A bunch of small backroads that went up and down, left and right and wandered in and out of the woods. Beautiful. Southern Indiana at it's finest. There were a few places where the pavement wasn't to great. Like...... you come around a curve and without notice, it's all gravel. Well, that adds to the fun as long as you don't dump your bike or some such as that.

That detour led me in a different direction than planned and I ended up crossing the Ohio River 30 some miles West of where I'd planned. No biggie as I was just following my nose at this point.

Some days you get lucky and just seem to find "Good Roads". Bike riders will know what I mean by that. I can't give you any exact definition as to what makes a road good or not. It just is and it probably depends on the day as to whether it would be a good road or not.

But about all the places I went Monday on my 300+ miles were "Good Roads". I didn't ride far in Kentucky when I saw the sign for "Fresh Peaches" at a big roadside stand.

There are few things in the world that compare with a fresh peach. The only bad news was I only had a pocketful of change and a debit card on me. And they didn't have any way to handle debit purchases. I must have looked really pathetic as the old woman running the place offered me one for free. That's Southern hospitality. I insisted on paying and whipped out the change in my pocket and purchased 1 peach for .62 cents and went outside and enjoyed every bite.

Motorcycles are a natural conversation starter. Some old guy waiting for his wife started yakking at me while I was eating my peach. And I spent 10-15 minutes talking to him.

I love Southern Folk. That old guy was 75 and funny as hell. Had me laughing the whole time. He was driving a big old full sized 1984 Ford that he claimed got 32 mpg. Don't know how, but it was clean and sounded good. So he must be doing something right.

I ended up riding for close to 10 hours and can tell ya, I am not in riding shape. You wouldn't think there was all that much needed to get on a bike and just ride, but it ain't quite like that. Your joints need a break in for that stuff. Well, if you're over 50 and have arthritis like I me they do anyway. My hips, back and most everything connected to them were pretty stiff by the time I got back home.

But damn, that peach was good!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

We Interrupt the Usual Bullshit Here .......
For something serious.

No really. Pay attention here.

Go and read this - Editorial: The Great Global Warming Hoax? and see what you think.
Long. Very long. Get a drink and settle in. Worth the time.

The author, James Peden makes a difficult subject very readable and understandable here. And since he uses real facts, data and the laws of Physics, I find it much more convincing than anything Al Gore has ever put forth. Oscar and
Nobel Prize winning film included.

Actually, it should be required reading for everyone. Check out the links in the story when you're done with the editorial.
I've never bought into the whole idea of "
Anthropogenic ( man-made ) Global Warming." Mostly because of who were the power brokers and how it was presented from the beginning.
I have a pretty finally tuned, Bullshit Detector, after working in the ER for so long.

I've also spent considerable time and effort reading and studying the subject. Can't buy it. When actual facts and science are rejected and those presenting them are compared to "Holocaust Deniers" by the proponents of AGW, there is very little reason to believe much else they say.

Just go and read it.
Then go HERE and buy the Tee Shirt. Looks like this -

The back is good too-

It May Be Worse Than I Thought......
In Jolly Old England.

In the post below I highlighted a few recent news articles from the UK and wondered, "WTF is going on over there?"

Well, it's worse than I thought.

Rachel Lucas Has the story today of how - "Plans to clear undergrowth from gay sex spot branded discriminatory".
I can't add a thing to what she says, so just go read it. And laugh, Cry or just Shake your head in wonder.

You can't make this kinda shit up.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Going Downhill Fast......

In Not So Great Britain.

While catching up on my InterWebz reading today I came across a Trifecta of sad articles relating to the current state of affairs in the UK.
This one first via, Mr DuToit - Businessman who grabbed a thug for smashing a window is charged with assault. This isn't a new trend in the UK but Damn. WTF is wrong over there?

Next up was a link in the comments of the above post - Toddlers who dislike spicy food 'racist'.
The Brit Government labels a kid, Racist? Oh sweet, Jeebus. These are the same folks who pretty much ruled the friggin' world only 100 or so years ago, right? I'm having a hard time believing this.

Then there's this little gem I spied somewhere the hell else. - Schoolboys punished with detention for refusing to kneel in class and pray to Allah.
That would be about all it would take for me. If my kids were involved I'd definitely go ballistic and full into, DefCon 1 mode.

Yes, I'd be either imprisoned or killed for the acts that would follow, but some SumBitch, would be left holding the bill and cleaning up the mess.

As I said, this kinda shit isn't exactly new in Britain, but if I'm seeing a hugh increase in goofy shit like this, how bad is it really?

And what's that mean about us?

With the recent Supreme Court rulings that a Child Rapist can't face execution for his crime, Terrorists have more legal protection than I do and, The Fucking Kelo decision.

One has to wonder when more folks aren't just gonna "SNAP!!" and go all - William 'D-Fens' Foster on those they see as "The Problem."
Something to Think About....

I'm gonna need to start brewing my own to really maximize the savings here.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Overheard in the ER.......

While cleaning a room that some particularly stinky bastards had just vacated one of our young Techs noted -

"It's bad enough that they bring that smell with them. They could at least take it with them when they leave."

Smart kid. She'll go a long way.

What the Hell is it with Kamikaze Bugs and Me????

Damn, seems like every time I turn around a damn bug is Trying to kill my ass!

Tonight was no exception.

It's a Holiday Weekend. So therefore, the ER is a friggin' madhouse. Drunks, Drug Seeking Zombies, Depressed Women with belly pain, the lonely, the crazy and the lovelorn. Along with a zillion Gomers who have had problems they've been dealing with since 1972 but NEED to be seen for it RIGHT NOW!

About 8-9 hours into the shift I decide I gotta go violate the company No Smoking Policy. I know that lunch ain't gonna happen so a 10 minute smoke break is gonna have to suffice.

I duck out the back door and take about 3 steps ... WHEN A FRIGGIN' INSECT FLIES INTO MY EAR!!!!!
Not, lands on my ear. No. This bastard dove full speed all the way to my eardrum and then proceeded to pound his wings on it like Ginger Baker on crack.

That shit feels weird and not at all good.

I regained my composure and decided that, yes this shit is uncomfortable as hell, BUT, this is the only time I'm gonna get a smoke all night. So I sucked it up and dodged out to my smoke spot and rushed it.

Didn't matter that we were all busy as hell, when I announced that I had a bug stuck inside my ear, all work stopped and they all had to laugh about it. And wanted to look. Even the Doc.

That, my friends, is teamwork.

Doesn't matter how shitty things are going, you can ALWAYS take time to laugh at your coworker.
I, of course took it graciously as I begged them to stop laughing long enough to help me get the Sumbitch out of there. Which they did.

Friggin' Bugs hate me. But shit like that will help raise the morale during a crappy shift.
Just doing my part.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Independence Day!!!!!
YerUnk wishes each and everyone a great day. May you all take a little time to reflect on and study up if necessary what this holiday we're celebrating is about. (It's not Hope and Change)

I'm working through the whole weekend healing Zombies and raising the dead so have a beer for me.

Hey, don't feel sorry for me. Lucy is coming over later to celebrate.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Why Dicking Around With the Language is a Bad Idea.....
Because the Law of Unintended Consequences Will Make You Look Like a Horses Ass.

The Bitch Girls Have a hilarious illustration of it HERE.

I can only say, go read it. That this made it through the editing process makes it even funnier. I damn near spit Bass Ale all over the place.

People who are afraid of words are funny.