Sunday, January 29, 2006

Different Kind of Pinup.................

Yeah, I like WWII propaganda artwork. I've been collecting these things for awhile now and have 7-8 of them. Don't have this one yet, but I'll buy it when I can get it at a decent price. I picked up a WWI poster last year for only $5.00. It's pretty fragile and needs to be gotten into a frame. ALL of them need to be framed for that matter.
I'll post a few more and some links to places later. Gotta go to work and save lives in the ER now. Later.
What More Can I Say ?????????

Gonna have to get the T-shirt.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pin Up Girls 4 U ......................

Found this here :
Love this kind of artwork.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Global Warming Continues Here ........
Got close to 60 degrees here yesterday again. Naturally, had to do some riding. Put on about 100 miles on some of the local roads here. It kept looking like it was gonna rain any minute, and being the wimp I am, didn't wanna have to ride to far home in the rain. Yeah, I had my rain gear strapped on the back, but I very seldom take the time to stop and put it on. I generally just keep on riding. No, I don't know why I bother to carry it either.

It's January, and we've had 5-6 days of COMFORTABLE riding weather this month. December had, MAYBE 4 days that were fit for riding comfortably. I consider anything above 45 and sunny comfortable. I ride in most anything but snow, just not as much as I used to. I'm getting old and wimpy.

Global Warming? Bring it on. It's about 6am now and it's gotta be close to 60 degrees out there. I have to go check the weather forecast. I may be able to ride to work tonight.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Ann-Margret, Rocker Girl ..........................

Found this cool pic of the Lovely Ms. Margret on a cool old Brit Bike.
I love Brit Bikes and nice looking wimmems, so here ya go!
Global Warming?????

Who gives a shit? It was 55 degrees here yesterday and I got my ass out and rode the Big Blue Meanie yesterday. Yes, I got it all back together without any problems. Yes, I'm STILL sick with this cold and feel like shit. Yes, sneezing inside a full face helmet when your nose is full of snot is disgusting. I got out and burned some dinosaur bones for awhile anyway. In January. Hah!

Those fuckin' Dinosaurs driving their nasty ass SUV's musta been what caused the ice age anyway, so burning that oil and warming shit up made me feel good today. I guess the Ice Age ended because man learned to use fire and burned Ghia to death or some shit.

Like I said, Who gives a shit? It was nice and I rode in frigging January. I'll take that shit when I can, thank you.
Started Thinking, Music.......
Posting below about Wilson Pickett got me thinking about musical influences. Probably the single biggest person to influence where my musical tastes ended up was my older brother, Chief. Father of Surly@ . Surly's the one to blame for getting me started with this blog thing.

Chief, ordered a build it yourself Crystal Radio kit from the back of a comic book or some magazine once. That's how you did things back then. You sent off a letter through the mail with a check, cash or money order in it and waited for weeks for the Mailman to deliver your goods to you. Comic books had an especially good collection of ads for young knuckleheads. Popular Mechanics, Outdoor Life and Mad Magazine had great ad sections in the back too.

After it arrived, He and the Old Man put it together over a day or two. I think it cost him about $4.75, shipping included. Yeah, sounds cheap, but a new pair of Levis jeans were only $3.25 then.

That Little Radio Rocked. After dark it just got better and better. The later it got, the better the reception became for all the Good Stations. Memphis, Little Rock, N'awlins and a zillion others playing Soul Music.

Chief would buy 45 rpm records from Mrs Blanchard at the local record store and play them on our Montgomery Wards record player too. In the Summer, he and his friends would commandeer the garage and hang out and play records all friggen day and night. This was at least 40 years ago in the pre-FM radio explosion.

I was just a little, Cross Eyed Fucktard at the time, and like all little brothers, I'm sure I was a pain in the ass to have hanging around. Chief was pretty cool about it most of the time though, except when he was doing his, Rico Suave bit with Lumpy Legs, the girl who lived next door. That shit made more sense a few years later, but at the time I didn't get it.

Chief turned me on to WMPP also. WMPP was a Black oriented station out of "East Chicager Heights, Illernois". Great music station with really cool DJ's like "J Cobb, working on the job. Playin' a stack-o-wax, Higher than a Bulls back. Put the needle in the grove and watch me move!". They also had some crazy bastid who went by the moniker of "The Rag Man". The Rag Man was always dispensing bits of advice such as "Driving is like Bowling. You gots to keep it in your own lane". Or "If you Drink and Drive, you gonna end up with the police as a chaser". Funny shit, even for a kid.

I had eye surgery again, when I was 12 or 13 to straighten those fuckin' crossed eyes some more. Chief bought me 2 record albums to listen to while I was lying around the house blind as a bat with the friggen bandages on. Vanilla Fudge and the Beach Boys, Pet Sounds. How cool was that?

Yeah, he pretty much was the driver on where my musical car ended up going. Same thing with motorcycles. He took me to the drive in to see "On Any Sunday", Which is still the definitive motorcycle movie.

Cool shit that made a lasting impression. Now that I'm an Old, Cross Eyed Fucktard, I still like Soul Music and Motorcycles.
Wilson Pickett, RIP .....................

Died yesterday of a heart attack. He was 64.

Bummer. Pickett was Soul Music. He had it all and will be remembered by those of us who were raised on Soul.

The LA Times has a nice obituary here:,0,246036.story?coll=la-home-headlines

My older brother, Chief, got me started on Soul Music when I was just a little Cross Eyed Fucktard with Wilson Pickett. Can't thank 'em enough.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Kill All the Engineers............

OK, maybe that's a bit rough. Maybe working on the Big Blue Kawasaki when you feel as shitty as I do was a bad idea.

Needed to change the throttle cables on the Concours. The return cable had snapped and I figured it was only a matter of time before I got my ass caught out in the middle of BFE in a rainstorm. So.........

I drug my snot filled self out to the (Newly cleaned and organized) garage early and started after it. Major pain in the ass. Taking all the bodywork off, tank, seat, etc has gotten to be second nature. But to get the cables off you have to pull the entire bank of carbs. Uhhhh!

That's where it became a chore. Thank God I wasn't on the side of the road trying to do this. Never happen. Tow truck time. Labor cost at a shop to do this would be horrendous. Getting the carbs out was difficult (I thought). Getting them back in was way worse.

Enter COG!!! The Concours Owners Group! (See link on sidebar) Went to their web site and hit the Forum Archives. I knew there had to be an easier way. Not easy mind you, but easier anyhow. Getting that bank of four carbs into and lined up with the intake boots on one side and the airbox boots on the other is a real trick. There is not anywhere close to enough room. Not even close. Fortunately, the tips provided helped.

The trick? A hair dryer. By heating up the rubber boots for the air box, you can roll them up and zip tie them to give you ALMOST enough room to get those carbs in there. Almost enough room. It still takes three hands to do it and a fortunately my Brother in Law stopped by right then. Thanks!

I was worn to a nub by then and basically, it's still sitting out there to be finished. Mostly done and that's good. An hour or two more.

I ended up taking a little nap of about six hours after getting things cleaned up and organized. I'm still a Major Snot Rocket and now have a fever to go with it. Crap. I feel like Crap. Gotta get better soon.

Friday, January 13, 2006

There's Something You Don't See Every Day ......

Glow in the dark Pigs! I can see these becoming the next cool pet. Or not.
I Have Become a Snot Rocket .......

I knew this was gonna happen.
I have been infected with an upper respiratory viral infection. My sinus cavities are bubbling springs of snot. I have a fever as my body works to produce more snot. My world revolves around mucus this morning.

How did I know this was gonna happen? Because some White Trash Trailer Park Zombie coughed directly into my face last Sunday night at work. I felt that aerosol mix of Zombie snot and Viral particles go all in my eyes and face. Even though I immediately stopped what I was doing and washed my face, I knew I was screwed.

I had the presence of mind to say "Thanks a lot for sharing that, Pal". The Zombie wife mumbled something about 'He can't help it". Ever mindful of maintaning my positive customer service attitude, I told her "He could of turned his G** Damn head". I'm sure I'll get a NastyGram about that.

My highly tuned ER Nurse Immune System is valliantly trying to ward off Viral replication as I type this.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I Learned Something Interesting Yesterday.......

I loaded up the BSA and took it to "Rodger the Brit Guy" yesterday. Stopped for gas on the way to fill up the "Redneck Valdez". That's my nasty ass old red truck, the mobile oil spill.

While filling up, I had 2 different guys come up and tell me about people who "Got an old Triumph in the barn". Yes, I took notes. I probably should have went in an bought a Lotto ticket right then, because that's about the only way I'd be able to afford even 1 more bike project.

But I was really surprised that TWO different people would stop me at one gas stop. Of course, I immediately figured out that if I periodically loaded up the BSA and just drove around and bought $2.00 of gas at all the gas stations in a 50 mile radius I'd get leads on HUNDREDS of bikes!

Great. I don't need these kinds of thoughts.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

BSA Revival is Getting Set in Motion.......

Between the overtime and the Christmas bonus at work, I've been able to squirrel away enough cash to get the Bezeer project going again. Hopefully (Key Word), I can get it over to "Rodger the Brit Guy" in the next week and get things rolling again.

Knowing how these projects go, I hope the wad of cash I have is sufficient to cover what I need. This thing needs a lot of little shit I'm to ignorant about to do right now on my own. My learning curve is still pretty steep at this point.

I'm hoping that if I start now, by Spring this thing'll be back to road shape. It's been in need of a lot of little shit since I got it. I've been doing a little at a time. Time to get help on sorting out the carbs and the forks.

I've got to figure out my tank dilemma too. The tank leaks. I tried sealing it with POR15. Didn't work. Don't ask me why, 'cause I followed the directions to the letter. It's been brazed in the past and I'll probably have my Brother (Surlys Dad, Chief) have a crack at it. If it can be fixed, he's the guy who can do it.

I've also been looking at a used UK Breadbox tank. It's pretty pricey, but would look good. Solo seat, old style aircleaners and replacement side covers ....... and on, and on and on. That's how this shit goes I guess.

But it's gotta run first. So, that's the priority at this point. This is the funnest Bike to ride. With forks that hold oil and the new springs in them it will be even more fun. I've got the parts already for that. Rodger has the special tool needed to change the fork internals. He's the go to guy at this point. Hoping to get it over there either Friday this week or first thing next week.

We'll keep you updated. Maybe some new pics soon too.
Yeah, this is a motivational text for me as much as anything. Whatever works, right? Later!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Zombies in the Kitchen......
He works in the Food Service industry.

After working in the ER so long, I've run into another Zombie problem. Where to eat when I do leave the Official GrumpyUnk Command and Control Bunker.

The problem you see is this. I know who staffs the kitchens of most every restaurant in town - Zombies.
I know these people. They are NOT who I want making, handling or even looking at my food. The only way I can go eat at a restaurant is to keep my head down and pretend I don't know who's back there in the kitchen. Or I go to a place in another town and pretend there aren't any Zombies back in the kitchen there.

I also try drinking enough alcohol in hopes that it will kill any Zombie germs or virus particles my immune system and good upbringing miss.
Tough Crowd in the ER Lately........

Yep, it's been really strange in the ER lately. The holiday season escalates the Zombie traffic something fierce. This photo gives you an idea of the clientele we've been seeing lately. One of the Nurses mentioned that she "must have dropped a couple of Vicodin in the elevator" as she walked through the waiting area ........ well, you see how it goes.

Seriously, the last few weeks has been a full scale "Attack of the Drug Seekers". Zombies I haven't seen in years have been making appearances. People who I know have moved to points far away, are stopping by for the holidays in hopes of a syringe full of Diluadid and a script of Vicodin. Crazy shit.

I'm guessing here, but this is how I envision a Zombie date night being planned.
Zombie #1 - "How about dinner and then go see a movie?"
Zombie #2 - "Sure, sounds good. Then we can swing by the ER and complain about having a migraine, backpain or some shit and get some drugs."
Zombie #1 - "Cool. We'll get some beer on the way home. After we go to WalMart"

Remember who to thank the next time you find yourself waiting forever to get into see a Doctor in your local ER.

I did get to have a little fun this weekend though. Some of the regular Zombies from my OTHER ER job made the trek over to try and scam us Sunday night. I love squashing Zombie drug scams. They get pissed. You can hear them grinding the nubs of their Meth teeth together and cursing. I love it.

According to the New York Times, Dick Cheney must feel like that when he's oppressing all those little brown people.

No really, it feels good to stymie Zombies who waste your time, take up space needed by actual sick people and demand first class narcotics they have no intention of paying for.

Actually, if you have a job and pay taxes - you're paying for them. No, don't hold your breath waiting to be thanked. Not gonna happen.
Tom Jones, Knight of the Realm ......

AP) Legendary crooner Tom Jones and jazz composer John Dankworth are to receive knighthoods in the Queen's New Year Honors List. Tom Jones's family have said they are delighted that the star is to get a "well deserved" knighthood

The Lovely and Talented SondraK (See Links) brings this bit of joyful news today. Yes, I admit to being a Tom Jones fan. I make no apologies for it either. The Dude can sing. And he was in one of my favorite movies - Mars Attacks.

Shit, you can't beat that.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Things I Never Had to Practice in the Army....
And for that I am so very thankful.

Rodger at Curmudgeonly and Skeptical,
(See sidebar for link) where I lift sooo many cool
pictures from, had this one up this morning.

Very disturbing photo. It never occurred to me that

organized practice and training was involved in this
kinda shit.

I realize it makes sense, in an operational kinda way,

I guess.

Disgusting to think about practicing the technique
of shooting someone in the back of the head. I make
a lot of gross comments and jokes about a lot of pretty
sick shit, but I have to admit that this picture got to me.

I am so glad I was born a United States citizen and was

able to serve in the Armed Forces of the United States.

Soldiers in the United States Military NEVER have to

learn ANYTHING like this. We should all be proud of that.

And relieved.

You can be sure that most Chinese folks wish their
military and government didn't endorse these types
of tactics.

I was gonna make a smart ass remark here about the

New York Times and the rest of the Commie loving leftist,
RatBastards out there .......

But I can't do it right now. It's been a long weekend in

the ER and I need to go to sleep now. I'll think of
something to say about all those nasty sonzabitches later.