Monday, June 30, 2008

It's the Little Things in Life.......
That make a difference. To an ER nurse, anything that makes your job easier is a blessing.

Enter young male dickhead per EMS. After making a suicidal gesture by taking a combination of medications and washing them down with copious amounts of cheap whiskey.

Also Known as - An Underdose.

EMS reports that this combination of toxins had not settled to well with the stomach of young Dickhead and said stomach had performed a "Crash Evacuation Maneuver" about the time that they arrived to retrieve his ass.

Praise be. With the report of many intact and undigested pills in the mess (Which EMS kindly kept off young Dickhead by directing his flow on to the floor of HIS OWN HOUSE instead of my ER) I can now convince Old Time Doctor that WE don't need to empty his stomach here.

This is a good thing.

Stuffing a tube down his nose and pushing charcoal into him to absorb whatever wasn't emptied out in the dumping prior, is a whole lot easier when Dickhead is too drunk to give a shit and a hell of a lot easier than the other options we could be doing.

Time to insert, Mr Foley catheter. Young Dickhead starts to squirm on this one but the catheter goes in pretty smoothly despite his bearing down against it.

Unk to Coworker - "Thank G-d for young Prostate Glands. That's so much easier than old guys."

Coworker - "No shit. You don't have to fight them AND the Prostate."

Yep, it's little things like that that make a difference when you've got an ER full of people to take care of and just don't have the time to spare or the energy to waste.

Use yer Brains. That's what I say.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why I Like Dogs More Than People.....

Lock a dog in a closet for 2 hours and he's happy to see you when you let him out.

Seriously, how many people are like that?

14 vicious hours in the ER and you think of shit like this.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who Would Have Guessed???????
That the Moon lay hidden during the daylight in the chimney of an old house in Southern Indiana.

I always thought it was "Out in space", 93,000 miles or so away. Or some shit like that.

But tonight, I watched it rise and have - crappy - photographic evidence. Check it out.

(Click picture to Embiggen it.)

Hey, this is no worse than the damn, UFO pictures that make it to the History Channel anymore! Cut me some slack.
Projects Around the House.......
Well, 1 big project anyway. I decided that I should get the Garden going again.
Here's what's left of the old one after 3 years of neglect.

As you can see. Not much. There's a total of 6 raised beds in there. 3 of them had nearly rotted away, being made from old scrap lumber and the 3 made from blocks. Not much left considering what it once entailed.
Talk about neglect. Check out that place across the road. I keep hoping that the owners will bulldoze it now that the it's empty.

At one time I had big plans for the garden. That kinda fell off when the Docs told me not to go out in the Sunshine, as I MAY or MAY NOT have a nasty ass disease affected by Sunlight. Well after 3 years and one doctor killing himself - He never did give me a definitive opinion - I decided to go with the opinion of the one who wasn't afraid to voice his belief. "Do what you want. Wear sunscreen and don't worry about it".

OK. That's settled for now and I'm back out in the yard. I really enjoy playing in the dirt. Gardening, landscaping, etc. Sunshine is good for you and not getting enough has a bad effect on your well being that offsets the potential bad shit from a "Well, you may be sick" diagnosis.

Screw that.

I wanted to make the whole thing look nice and sort of, "Queer Eye for the Garden Guy" as I went, so I figured a fence would be the place to start. Now keep in mind this is a fairly large area. Approximately, 50 x 70 feet.

Cost over runs started before I even began.

Damn. Lumber has gone up a bunch since my last project.

I had a pile of landscape timbers I'd picked up for next to nothing and a few posts but that was about it. OUCH!

So here's where I'm at so far. This is way to much money so far and way to much yet to go.
Started with the street side fence. Note the timbers laying there.

These are being integrated all the way around the outside for flowers, grape vines, berry's and whatever.

2 sides up and outside beds done.

I plan on doing something similar all the way around the inside perimeter too. Not out of timbers, unless I can find another truckload for $5.00 again. Which ain't likely.

Here's the first bunch of new boxes. These replaced the old crappy ones which had disintegrated.

There's still a shit load of room for more and I will be installing more as the budget allows. Did I mention how expensive lumber is?

Here's Major, the newest addition to the household, inspecting my work.
He's a Hoss. 95 lbs and the Vet says he need another 5- 10 lbs to be "optimal". He was 70 lbs when the Boxer rescue people saved him from some asshole who thought food was optional. G-d, I hate people.

I'm about 3 weeks and a small fortune into this project so far. I can see this as taking the next, oh...... decade or so to finish. But projects like this become ongoing things and that's alright. It's good for the body and soul.
I've lost damn near 15 lbs so far and have begun to get a bit of muscle tone back and that's got to be worth a few hundred bucks.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Unk. Where the Hell Have You Been?????

Good question. First, let me apologize to all 3 of you who actually read this drivel on a regular basis.

There has been a series of what would best described as, "Bad Shit Incidents" here at GrumpyUnk World over the last few months that have been absorbing my limited attention span.

I'm not gonna go into detail about most of that crap because if it was enough to tweak my head you surely don't need to hear
about it.

One of the things that I will tell ya about is - The Lump. As in the wife's breast. Yep, that one got my friggin' attention. With my job, I've gotten to see many cases of breast cancer. The outcomes, even for survivors, are always shitty. Terrible in death and the treatment is just miserable on the victims.

The good news after all of the diagnostics? No cancer! She was a lot more calm about the whole thing than I was. Maybe a
little knowledge is a bad thing sometimes.

So that's just a good example of all the goofy shit that's been going on here and why I've ignored this place for the last 2 months. Just couldn't get my head into the game. This kind of thing isn't real important on a good day and it sure isn't when things are going bad.

Again, my apologies.

I hope to get back into a semi regular mode soon.

I finally updated the sidebar yesterday.

If you should be on there and aren't, let me know & I'll get it fixed........... Someday.

OK, I think the rain has stopped and I'm off to work on the garden project.

BTW- Say a little prayer for all the folks hit by the flooding here locally in Southern Indiana and now in Iowa and Wisconsin.
We've had a family staying here who lost most everything in the flooding. Shit like that makes me think my problems aren't all that bad.

This is what it looked like last Saturday just 10 miles from my place.

Here's a few more pics of the flooding here.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Never Forget .........

On this day 64 years ago we went knocking on the door of Hitler's, Festung Europa.
As it was, the Door Wardens weren't to keen to welcome us.

We said .......... Tough Shit. We're comin' in.

The rest is, well.......... history.

Ike giving the paratroopers a little face time prior to the invasion.

Again, never forget.