Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Vintage Motorcycle racing Video..............
Silverstone 1979.

Kenny Roberts, Barry Sheen and Will Hartog. Go check it out and be sure to check out Sheen's "Wave" at about the 3:40 mark. No wonder people loved Sheene so much.

6 minute clip of some awesome racing and an incredible finish.
Some Rider pics for ya below.
Top to bottom - "King" Kenny Roberts. Barry Sheene. Will Hartog.

Hit tip to one of the members at The TonUp Forums.
Hey, It's Not Like YOU Never Thought About It ...........

Colorado Mother Trades Child For Car


Megan Shannon - All Headline News Staff Writer

Pueblo, CO (AHN) - In lieu of a down payment, one woman traded her five-month-old baby for a used Dodge Intrepid.

Nicole Uribe, 23, was arrested on suspicion of felony trafficking in children after she gave her child to a couple. Jose-Juan and Irene Lerma were arrested on the same charges for accepting the trade.

They are all being held at the Pueblo jail with a $50,000 bond. The three adults are Mexican nationals whose immigration status is now under investigation
. - (Emphasis mine)

"Illegal Aliens. Trading children for cars Americans won't buy."

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Saw the Surgeon Today ............

He's happy. The hand is lookin' good and I can go back to work Saturday. So on the way home from Indy ................... I bought a new truck.

Well, new to me anyway. The old Redneck Valdez, bought the farm awhile back and the "Lovely and Talented QueenBuffness" and I have been sharing a vehicle. Ugh, no thanks.

Found a small GMC in good shape at a decent price and tossed some money down on it. I'll pick it up tomorrow. I need a truck around here to haul shit. Nothin' fancy and that's perfect.

To bad I always feel like this cow after I go to a car dealership.

Looks Like Blogger is About to Make Me Change ............
To the new format. I dodged it this time as I had opened this window awhile ago and was able to sneak backwards into the control panel.

I made some Link Changes - Note: Death's Door added to the sidebar. Greg Beck is a hoot. Check him out.

Anyway. When I wanted to sign on and make a post - No can do unless I switch to the new Blogger.
Shit. I don't care how "Cool and User Friendly" the new shit is. I care less than a fuck, if it's got all kinds of "cool Shit to make your Blogging Experience Totally Fuckin' Orgasmic!"

Screw this shit. This is getting to be a bit like work lately anyway. When, notice I didn't say IF they force the change, I'll probably pull the plug on this shit.

At least that's how I'm feeling today.

Maybe I need some of This Shit. Looks like that may help.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Sometimes it's Good to Have a Camera With You ...........

Just for the times when you see shit like this -

OK, I only just now realised the spelling error here. Zena. As opposed to the Lucy Lawless, Xena.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

It's Been Awhile ..........
Howz about some Pinup Girls? I thought so.

Because artwork like this just belongs on the nose of a fighter airplane.

Let's see what else I can dig up in this mess of crap I've got here. Nope, that's not a Pinup Girl. Where'd I put all those pictures?

Let's look in this folder ........
Nope. That's just an old Comic Book cover, where the jokes damn near write themselves. Feel free to make a gratuitous ACLU remark in the comments regarding this one!

Damn! I know there's some Pinups around here somewhere!
OK. That's more like it.

OK, that's it for now. I'll find that file with all the PinUps yet.

Disgusting Child Porn Case That You Probably Won't Hear Much About ........

Maybe it's due to the perpetrator involved. I first saw this over at Ace of Spades Friday(?).

Former ACLU Chapter President Arrested for Child Pornography. (ABC News link)

"Feb. 23, 2007— Federal agents arrested Charles Rust-Tierney, the former president of the Virginia chapter of the ACLU, Friday in Arlington for allegedly possessing child pornography.
According to a criminal complaint obtained by ABC News, Rust-Tierney allegedly used his e-mail address and credit card to subscribe to and access a child pornography website."

Here's my favorite part - "Rust Tierney coaches various youth sports teams in and around Arlington, Virginia, according to court documents."

Ace has a couple of follow up posts with links on this disgusting BS that you should follow up and read.

First one here from Friday - ACLU Child Porn Follow-Ups

And one from this Morning - Shock: Media Almost Entirely Embargoing ACLU Child Porn Story

I know, you're asking yourself - "Why the hell should I read about, or give a shit, about that nasty, Pervert Sonzabitch?"

Because it should interest you to know the ACLU's official position on things like, you know, Raping little kids.

ACLU Policy To Legalize Child Porn Distribution (Via Stop the ACLU)

"The ACLU’s position is this: criminalize the production but legalize the sale and distribution of child pornography. This is the kind of lawyerly distinction that no one on the Supreme Court found convincing. And with good reason: as long as a free market in child pornography exists, there will always be some producers willing to risk prosecution. Beyond this, there is also the matter of how the sale of child pornography relates either to free speech or the ends of good government. But most important, the central issue is whether a free society should legalize transactions that involve the wholesale sexploitation of children for profit.”
The ACLU objects to the idea that porn movie producers be required to maintain records of ages of its performers; this would be ” a gross violation of privacy.”

What a bunch of Fuckin' Sweethearts, Eh?

"Buggerin' Your Children. It's all about the free speech, Bitch. Now shut the fuck up."

Indy Motorcycle Show Yesterday ........

As hard as this may be to believe ....... I actually left the house and went out and did something fun yesterday. Yes, it took awhile to break the seal that has formed, between my ass and this chair over the last few weeks, but the Dremel Tool with a cutting blade helped considerably.

Dr J drove his big SUV and that turned out to be a good thing. More on that later.

We first went to The Guitar Center . Oh Lordy, it is not good for me to go to this place. Dr. J traded a nice guitar and amp for one of these-

Yesssss Precioussssss. We wants it.

Oh hell yes. I want a Taylor.
I have no real reason to need one. My cheapo ass guitar still works ok (World Famous "How Not to Acquire a Guitar" story here.) so I can't really convince myself to spend the $$$ for one.

I thought about just killing him and taking it. But only for a few minutes. That shows you what a good guy I am.

As we left the Guitar Center it started to rain. And in no time, the rain started to develop a "Body by Jake" as in, it became little ice balls. Not good, but we drove on over to the Bike show as the weather got progressively worse.

I didn't really want to go to the Bike Show as much as I wanted to meet some of the fellas from Indy Chapter of The TonUp Club that I knew were gonna be there.

I've been hangin' around The TonUp Forum online for a couple of years and have only met a few of these guys at Mid Ohio last year.

It seems that some of these guys belong to Indy Vintage Motorcycle. And they had a nice display of bikes there. Go check out that link and you'll see a couple of the bikes that were at the show.

I did have my camera with me. And I totally forgot to get any pics. DOH!

So I'll swipe these 2 from their site that were at the show-

Sweet 850 Norton

A Nice Bultaco Astro. Very similar to the Alpina I had.

Bigger pics HERE.

The overall show wasn't near as impressive as I'd hoped. Lots of Choppers and Leather accessories for the most part. But there was a really good crowd and that may help convince more dealers, etc to come out in the future.

I had a hell of a good time anyway. And it was very nice to meet the Indy Boys that were there. Hope I can get up there more often.

The weather had totally gone downhill while we were in the show. The freezing rain turned to snow and the roads were slicker than Goose Shit.

Of course, nobody wanted to slow down and be sensible, so there were wrecks all over the place. Took an extra 2 hours to get home. Dr J's Big Ass SUV came in handy and we made it home safe.

All in all, a very good day.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rumors of My Demise ..............
Have been greatly exaggerated.

My apologies to Mr. Twain.

No, I'm still here for now. Took the "Lovely and Talented, Queen Buffness" to the airport today and she is winging her way to the Sunny Climate of Florida as I type this. She claims she is visiting her friend, Sheri. I suspect Pablo the Cabana Boy. Either way, I'm still here with the dogs and Dogboy.

The hand is better. No narcs needed for 3-4 days. Range of motion is improving.

New Linkage - We have a new member on the linkage. Check out, Mauser Girl. Yeah, Mauser as in rifle. If Queen Buffness runs off with Pablo, I'm going looking for this Girl.

Check this photo out -

WWII tank pulled from a pond. Wait! As if that's not cool enough. Surprise ending!!
Check out the story at Kim DuToit. Really cool story and worth the look.

Random thought for the day. Every 15 minutes the radio news are screaming about how the Brits are pulling 1600 troops out this year. That's 1600 of 7000+ total. The media folks are making it sound like the end of the world for GWBush. And that the loss of 1600 Tommy's is gonna' make a HUGE defeat inevitable.

OK, then why the shitstorm about sending "The Surge" troops over there.

Doh!! Sorry, I forgot the Media and the Democrats are too heavily invested in defeat now, to have it any other way.

I haven't commented on any that shit for awhile. But if you think Jack F*cking Murtha is trying to "Support the Troops", you need your ass kicked too.



Saturday, February 17, 2007

Heading North Tomorrow ........
Funeral Monday for Steve. Not lookin' forward to this.

But it's all part of the plan and not for me to try and figure out.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Good Time to Be Buying a Weapon ........
It looks like our new bosses in, Sodom on the Potomac, I mean Washington, are considering bringing back the "Scary Looking Gun Ban". Better known as the Assualt Weapons Ban.

You should take a few minutes and go read This Post By Kim DuToit Today where I saw this. Mr Kim is a really interesting read and if you're not reading him now, you should be.

No really, go read it now and then come back here. Check out the second link titled - This Little Plum while you're over there. Then go see how Emperor Mischa tears a new one on the author. Priceless.

I've been paying enough attention to not be surprised by the news that these little Shitstains would be bringing back an absolutely worthless piece of legislation. Well, it's not exactly worthless. It puts one more restriction on law abiding citizens. While slicing another chunk off the Constitution, so I guess that is a good thing to some folks. Present company excluded.

So, it got me to thinking, always a dangerous thing. I'm gonna be on a limited budget for awhile, due to this whole surgery thing. And I don't really have any desire to buy One of these expensive, scary looking bastards -

Besides, I've got a couple of rifles in the 7.62x39 caliber already.

No, I've been wanting something more along the lines of This little gem

Yeah, 7.5 caliber Swiss.
Simple, cheap, $120 and nice.

Or maybe Something in Russian?

Again, simple cheap, $70.
If it's like most of the shit the Russians
make, durable as hell.

Ever see the movie "Enemy at the Gates"? The Russian Snipers were using something like This -

A bit more money at $359, but I could really use the optics as I ain't seeing any better these days.

There's a few others that I've been eyeballin' too. Most of these old bolt action weapons are still fairly affordable. Ammo isn't cheap for any of them, but I may have a line on a reloading setup for next to nothing coming soon.

The funny part is most of these old rifles are not on the list of weapons to be regulated by the "Scary Looking Weapons Ban". So there's no problem for now. They're all cool as shit and fun to shoot. I love shooting and I don't get out and do it enough.

I'm gonna have to get out and get a couple of those Boys from work who REALLY know about shooting and take 'em up on the offers to go to the range. I've been slackin'.

Yeah, I'm talkin' about you, Brian.

OK, enough on Firearm Daydreams for now. We are open for suggestions here, folks.
Time For You Motorcyclist Types to Go Vote ...........
I've been pretty slack on keeping up with the goings on over at Motorcycle Bloggers International for awhile now.

My bad.

Well, it's time for Y'all to go over there and vote in The 2007 MBI Riders Choice awards. Easy enough to do. They have all kinds of categories for all types of riders. Go do your thing and then tell me what you think in the comments.

Check out the members list for some good Motorcycle Blog reading. That is all.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Aw Fer Cryin' Out Loud, Shut Up!!!!!!
How Charlie Rose keeps from saying that to my former employer is beyond me.

See the video here

Local hero and genuine goofball, John Mellencamp, puts on an unprecedented display of ignorance on the Charlie Rose show.

Yeah, I live in that same "Small Town" he was singing about. I've written Here and HERE before about how I worked a couple of tours for him.

I was touring with him on September 11, 2001. The crew had left Canada and crossed back into the US at about 2am. I woke up early on the morning of the 11th in the parking lot of a hotel in Hartford, CT. Steve, the goofy tour bus driver and I watched the 2nd jet fly into the Twin Towers as coffee was brewing.

I'll tell ya the whole story later..........

In the meantime, go watch Mellencamp make an ass of himself.
Global Warming is Making It's Presence Felt .......
This Global Warming is a bitch, 'Eh?
12 Friggin' FEET of snow in New York in 10 days. Blizzard conditions all over the place.
Yep, This Global Warming is an ass kicker.

In other news, Al Gore is still an Asshole.

And some gratuitous Snow Funnies -

Happy Valentines Day ............

Saw a link at Professor Schlong's today for some very interesting cards.
Like these -

And one more, just for fun. Here's the link to the I-Mockery Site
Rest in Peace, My Friend ................
My Bestest Buddy, Steve left this world at 2am this morning.

Even though there was no way he coulda' planned it, one has to wonder how he managed to arrange for the blizzard that's going on up in his area right now. He always had a flair for the dramatic.

He was only 51. Makes you wonder sometimes how G-d decides these kinda things.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hand Update .............
Was supposed to go see the Surgeon this morning for the first after surgery checkup on the hand. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided it was a good time to act like it's Winter and have a big storm.
Damn you, Al Gore!!!!

Anyway, the Doc was gonna change the bandages and look things over. He wasn't gonna be happy with me either. I tore some of the stitches out the other day helping my Buddy Steve Saturday Night.

Yeah, that shit hurt. Gotta big old gapper in the palm now, and that'll take longer to heal. That's the biggest downside. It looks somewhat better than the picture here since I washed it up but it's pretty nasty looking.

Good news?
Really doesn't hurt all that much.

OK, that's all the news that's fit to gross you out.
OK, Update Time From The Bunker...........
Been gone for a few days. Went up North to see my Bestest Buddy Steve. Probably said my last goodbye to him when I left yesterday afternoon. He's goin' fast.

Very strange part is, his tumors are all shrunk down to nothing. But he's developed Paraneoplastic cerabellum Degeneration Syndrome. I'd never heard of this shit before, but after doing some research last night, it seems that this isn't all that uncommon for people with certain types of cancer to get.

Basically, his brain's gone now. Pretty much in a Coma like state and it won't be to long before my friend leaves this world.

If there is anything that can be considered "Good" in all this, it's that basically, He's been pain free. Given what I've seen in most patients with his kind of cancer, being pain free and now unaware of what's going on around him, may indeed be a blessing. It doesn't help his wife and kids any, except on an intellectual level I guess. But it's probably better for Steve.

G-d, I'm gonna miss him.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Why Hasn't Someone Killed These Assholes Yet?????

There was a house fire in Bardstown, KY the other morning. Central Kentucky house fire kills 6 kids, 4 adults. Terrible and sad.

So why am I not surprised to see THIS.

"Bardstown Mayor Dick Heaton also confirmed reports that protesters from the controversial Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., intend to travel to Bardstown to protest at the victims’ funerals"

“The best thing you can do for these types of groups is to ignore them,” Heaton said.

Sorry, Mayor Heaton. That's NOT the best thing. But there is probably a law against my even suggesting the solution I have in mind. I'll give you a hint - Bang!

I've written about and had several interactions with this group of Fucksticks in the past. These are the same Sonzabitches who protest at the funerals of our fallen Military Members. Remember Mr. Rogers? They protested at his funeral. How screwed up is that?

Here's a few blurbs on what they think -

"The Amish children from Pennsylvania are even now in hell. Stop spreading the lie that they were innocent. They were just as degenerate and deserving of hell as the pervert who killed them. You get what you deserve, America!"

"Your precious West Virginia coal miners are in hell, America!"

"Coretta Scott King is in hell with her husband, and no amount of caterwauling or glorifying her whoredoms will change that fact. She kicked the righteous blacks off the Freedom Train to make room for her feces eating fag friends, and God will never forgive her for it."

"This is the picture that America deserves. Get used to it! You worship at the fag altar, you get boxes draped in your fag flag coming home!"

Followed by this picture -

Are these some wonderful folks or what?

Yeah, you come on down to Bardstown and protest, folks.

Valentine's Day is Coming ...............

So I should dig out some of the goofy pictures.
Let's start with this classic -

Mix Valentines Day, Star Wars and the Evil Genius of the Photoshop Phriday at Something Awful and what do you get?

While not a true Valentine, this one says "I love You" in a way that ............ Well, nobody should.

"Once upon a time. In Trailer Park. Not to far from here...................."

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"Do Not Stand On or Above This Step" .........
Did you ever see that warning on your ladder?

Apparently, neither did these guys.

Shit like this is what makes the internet such a wonderful thing.

There's more of this shit, aptly titled "Idiots on Ladders." Here at
Found the link over at
Dispite What you Thought, Superbowl Commercials Are NOT About the Sale of Products to Consumers .............

Who knew? I always thought TV Commercials were all about selling shit to us Morons. Silly me. It seems that the Easily Offended and Those with an Agenda, see these Dumb Ass Commercials as indicators of much more.

Let's start with the Snickers Candy Bar commercial. Two Morons working on a car. One of them jams a Snickers Bar into his mouth as he works. The other dude locks onto the other end of the bar and as they eat it, they end up kissing. Get grossed out. And "Do something Manly" by pulling out their chest hair. Basically stupid and a bit weird. Yeah, I don't care to see 2 dudes kissing, even in a dumbass situation like that.
Having said that, one thing I didn't feel inspired to do was to perpetrate violence on the nearest Fag I could find.

It seems that others got a different idea - "Snickers Superbowl Web site promotes violence against gays and lesbians. Bears & Colts players react in disgust, on camera, to gays. " Shit. Why wouldn't the Players react like that? They're men.

If anything about this promotes violence, it's the shrill, over the top squeals of these crybaby MoFo's. Someone needs their ass kicked. NOT because of the Gayness. Just because they're F*ckin' Crybabies.

Go ahead and read that shit. It's so Batshit Crazy, it's hilarious. Read the link to This Asshole too. The Human Rights Campaign response alone is worth the jump.

OK. Enough with the Gay Candy Bar Kerfluffle.

On to the one publication in America that continues to amaze. The New York Times. The Grey Lady once again takes Moonbatery and BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) to new lows. They apparently, missed the whole "Promotion of violence towards Gays" angle of the Superbowl Commercials.
But damn if they didn't see the connection between - Super Bowl Ads of Cartoonish Violence, Perhaps Reflecting Toll of War.

"No commercial that appeared last night during Super Bowl XLI directly addressed Iraq, unlike a patriotic spot for Budweiser beer that ran during the game two years ago. But the ongoing war seemed to linger just below the surface of many of this year’s commercials.
More than a dozen spots celebrated violence in an exaggerated, cartoonlike vein that was intended to be humorous, but often came across as cruel or callous."

Mr Elliott, has more idiotic bloviation on the topic, but I've already read that crap once, so I don't care to quote more of his shit here. You should read this crap though. If for no other reason than to see the world through their filter of Bush hatred and "Everything is all America's Fault."

Ok, This shit was painfull to type. More later, maybe. Yes, the meds are working.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Colts Win!!!!!!!!!
Growin' up in "Da Region", I was a Bears fan most of my life. Still like 'em. Living down here, I've been following the Colts for the last 12 years or so. Other than that 1st quarter of Fuckupedness, they owned that game.

Congats Colts.

You Bears fans? Don't blame Grossman. He didn't lose that game. Granted, he didn't win it either, but that was a team loss.

I'm going up to Indy in early in the morning to have surgery on my hand to straighten out my crooked ass fingers on the right hand. I'll touch base with you after I get home tomorrow. And after the drugs kick in.

Friday, February 02, 2007

OK, I've Been Busy Here ...........
With the upgrade to the Laser Targeting System around the perimeter of the "GrumpyUnk Command and Control Bunker" and fixing the leaky faucets and all ................ Pretty much ignored this thing here.

I'd say, "Sorry" if I thought anyone actually read this crap.

I really have been busy. Honest.
Nothing like ol' Mona Lisa there.

(Swiped the picture from the Phriday Photoshop should be a required thing for y'all)
I don't have a helluva lot to show for my efforts, but you'll have to believe me.

That Damn AlGore and his "Global Warming Weather Machine" continue to keep it unseasonably warm here. Was about 15 degrees outside yesterday. Not to good for Motorcycles yet. Of course, this, coupled with the lack of Sunlight, makes me Grumpier than usual.

I gotta get one of these signs to go with this Doormat.