Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Loyal Opposition .............
Let me say this up front. If you don't approve of the Iraq War, that's fine. That's your right and your choice. I may not agree with you, but I'm ok with you making that decision. It's not my fault you're an asshole, but you go right ahead. And yes, I question your patriotism.

But you should be aware of just who it is you associate with and just who it is that are organizing and funding the anti-war movement.

With that in mind, here's a few links and pictures of "The Loyal Opposition".

Let's start with Professor Schlong, who provides us with this picture from Portland last weekend -

Why Yes, that is Old Glory, he's taking a shit upon.

Yes, I'm sure the crosshairs were added by Roger, in a moment of wishful thinking. Understandable.

Next up, we have Mr. Smash, who went to Washington, DC last weekend and slipped in with protesters. Not only does he report on this event, He has some very good background info on many of the Major Players in The Anti-War Movement. His 4 part report is required reading. As SondraK would say - "Knowledge is Power".
You really SHOULD know this background info.

He also introduces us to this asshole -

Charming SOB, ain't he?
But hey, he's got some pics of the good guys too. Protecting The Wall -

But, for big time crazy shit, you have to go West. And Nobody covers the Moonbats better than Zombietime.

There's just a special kind of crazy out West -

Nothing says "I'm a serious, Player" like an inflated scrotum.

There's a zillion more examples at Zombie Time. Worth the time to go and look around. Even if you're just looking for laughs-

I have no idea either.

These are more of the Portland patriots. I have no problem questioning their patriotism-

This last one? Not sure where this comes from, but I think bad thoughts every time I see it -

These are the folks that are driving the anti-war, short bus. Yeah, if you want to be associated with them, fine.
I'm Tired........
Damn, I'm gettin' old. Four 12 hour days in a row and I'm crapped out!

That shit did not bother me at all a couple of years ago. I routinely worked multiple 12-16 hour days. My wussy factor is running pretty high tonight.

I remember The Ol' Man (My Father) workin' 6 days a week for years. I don't remember him ever bitchin' about it. I suspect he just didn't let me hear about it. He was an old fashioned, genuine "Tuff Guy". Whining would not have become him.

The ER has been a friggin' madhouse of busy. I will never understand how nice weather brings in more people. One would think that even the Zombies have something better to do than go to the ER on the first string of really nice days. One would be wrong.

I understand the increase in injury's from people getting out and being active. That's to be expected. Hard to fathom that there are some folks who rely on the ER to support their drug habits, weather be damned. Nice weather. Bad weather. Makes no difference.

Oh well. I've really been putting some effort into not letting the Zombies get to me. My new personal policy is this. As long as you don't act like an asshole or give me any shit? I don't care if the Doc gives ya the entire pharmacy. Just don't fuck with me.

There's not a damn thing we can do to deter these Zombie MoFo's from invading the ER and sucking up our valuable oxygen, time and energy. If I get bent out of shape at them who wins? Nobody. I just waste my limited time & energy on them.

I don't know if this is gonna last or not. Or if it's just a response to the fatigue. We'll see.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Here's Some Environmental Offsets I can Get Behind ..........

Screw that "Carbon Offset" Bullshit.

SteveH of Hog on Ice and the Author of that damn book, The Good, The Spam and The Ugly, I'm hawking on the sidebar over there, has come up with a fabulous idea.

"Fart Offsets"

I can see where this idea could really come in handy.

Friday Quotation...........

President Abraham Lincoln:

"Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled, or hanged."

Just think about that for a minute. One of our greatest Presidents said that.

I nominate Jack Murtha for starters. Slow Bleed this, you rotten bastard.
You May Wish to Check This Out ..............

Kim Du Toit has a report today, of abuse by the ATF on a family business, Red's Trading Post.

Red's Trading Post is currently under fire from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). On March 5th our license to aquire firearms was revoked and is pending appeal in federal court. In the meantime we are still able to continue selling as we always have. A 2004 audit by the ATF claims to have uncovered several minor clerical errors. Out of nearly10,000 firearms transfered between 1996 and 2004, the alleged error rate found was not even a full percentage point. There were no missing firearms, and no willfull illegal acts....

It seems that this is more widespread than I knew.

You can help. Go here and sign This Petition. I did.
Swift Western Justice Needed ..........
For These Sonsabitches

Can't kill 'em quick enough. All of 'em.

"BRUNSWICK, Ga. -- A convicted child molester and his father took turns sexually assaulting a 6-year-old boy while the molester's mother watched, then they choked the boy to death, according to an indictment returned by the Glynn County grand jury on Wednesday.
The indictment charges George Edenfield and both his parents with murder, kidnapping and child molestation in the slaying of young Christopher Michael Barrios, whose body was found last Thursday inside a trash bag dumped by a roadside."

The indictment does not say which of three caused the boy's death.
It also claims George Edenfield and his 58-year-old father sodomized the boy and forced him to perform oral sex while Peggy Edenfield watched and masturbated.

"They deserve the worst, for them to torture my son like that, every last one of them," said Mike Barrios, the slain boy's father.

George Edenfield was required to register as a sex offender after he pleaded guilty in 1997 to molesting two boys, ages 7 and 9.

His father, David Edenfield, pleaded guilty to incest in 1994. He was accused of having sex with an adult relative who was not his son.

It just doesn't get any worse than this. I hope they lynch the fucking lot of them.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Yeah, I'm a Nurse. What About It ??????

I get shit from patients all the time about being a "Male Nurse". Like there's sumpin' wrong with a guy being a nurse.

My standard reply is, "It takes a REAL MAN to be be a nurse and I'm not confused about my manhood. You ever heard of the term, projection?"

Not everyone can be in the NFL, ya know.

Sometimes it's fun to mess with peoples heads, though. I can do a pretty good, "Swish walk" when I want to. Do the whole, exaggerated hand movement thing and add a little lisp. Usually, all it takes is a "I'm sorry you can't provide the doctor with a urine sample. I'll be back in in a few moments with a large, latex tube, which I will be stuffing into the end of your penis. No, really. I'm Unk and I'll be holding your penis tonight."
Give 'em a wink and tell 'em I'll be right back to put that catheter in.

Shuts most of 'em up pretty quick.

Anyway, I stopped and saw my friend Jerry yesterday. And I've been remiss in not having his site on the links here. He has a web magazine just for Male Nurses. Male Nurse Magazine.

So, I'll get that fixed.

While I'm thinking of things I should be linking to............DAZD clued me in on the new Indiana Patriot Guard Blog

The PGR is a wonderful bunch of folks. Please consider becoming a member.
The Great Global Warming Swindle ........
A film by Channel 4 .

I may have never used this phrase before, but it really is - "Must see TV".

A friend gave me a copy the other day and I've watched it twice already. If you have never looked into the Science behind the Global Warming scare, you should take the time to see this.

Real scientists. With real data. Amazing.

Here's Google Video Link if you have trouble with the link above.
Pour yourself a cold one and enjoy!

Or you can take the sensitive approach, like this.

Lazy Thursday ............
Rained all day today. Like it was Springtime or 'sumpin.

Took a good long Motorcycle ride yesterday. Had lunch on the Ohio River and then crossed the bridge into Kentucky. Made a big loop and came back into Indiana via Louisville. Right in the middle of rush hour traffic. That sucked. I'm gonna have to plan this stuff a bit better next time.

The good news? Even that beats the shit out of no ride!

With the rain today, the power went out for quite some time. No, it didn't storm or anything. Just rained. The dialup connection speed, which is never very fast, dropped to around 9.6kbps or some rediculous shit. Just part of living in the country.

Hey, it's all good.

It must be Springtime. I recieved a brochure in the mail today from Indy Triumph. Just what I don't need. More temptation. It seems they have big specials on the 2006 models. It wouldn't take much to push me into buying A Sprint ST. Damn, they're throwing in the matching Saddlebags with it.
I probably don't need these sorts of temptations.

Monday, March 19, 2007

File This Under - Alternative Fuels ...........
From The People's Cube
"Not only is it a cheap alternative solution to life's problems. It also...

Raises awareness
Promotes social bonding
Improves determination to fight social causes
Advances dependency on government agencies
Creates a realistic illusion of melting icecaps
Replaces the need for tedious scientific research
Is appropriate for all ages

(May contain mind-control agents)"
The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown .................

"Al Gore Challenged to International TV Debate on Global Warming" Link
"In a formal invitation sent to former Vice-President Al Gore's Tennessee address and released to the public, Lord Monckton has thrown down the gauntlet to challenge Gore to what he terms "the Second Great Debate," an internationally televised, head-to-head, nation-unto-nation confrontation on the question, "That our effect on climate is not dangerous."

Wanna bet on the odds of "The Goracle" actually debating Lord Monckton? No Friggen' Way.

It Seems that "The Goracle" will be in Washington DC, Wednesday. GORE FACES HILL GRILLING ON 'WARMING'; QUESTIONS AWAIT FORMER VP via Drudge. Expect a snowstorm. He seems to have a chilling effect on anyplace he visits.

In other Global Warming News - Scientific Smackdown: Skeptics Voted The Clear Winners Against Global Warming Believers in Heated NYC Debate

Just days before former Vice President Al Gore’s scheduled visit to testify about global warming before the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works, -

"a high profile climate debate between prominent scientists Wednesday evening ended with global warming skeptics being voted the clear winner by a tough New York City before an audience of hundreds of people." Read the whole thing. There may be hope, yet.

And finally - From "The Telegraph"

"Too many journalists and scientists have built their careers on the global-warming alarm. Certain newspapers have staked their reputation on it. The death of this theory will be painful and ugly. But it will die. Because it is wrong, wrong, wrong."

That says it better than I ever could.

Oh, I somehow I Missed - This CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER Article

"Limousine Liberal Hypocrisy"

".... Leo and Al then portentously announced that for the first time ever, the Academy Awards ceremony had gone green. What did that mean? Solar panels in the designer gowns? It turns out that the Academy neutralized the evening's "carbon footprint" by buying carbon credits. That means it sent money to a "carbon broker," who promised, after taking his cut, to reduce carbon emissions somewhere on the planet equivalent to what the stars spewed into the atmosphere while flying in on their private planes.
In other words, the rich reduce their carbon output by not one ounce. But drawing on the hundreds of millions of net worth in the Kodak Theatre, they pull out lunch money to buy ecological indulgences. The last time the selling of pardons was prevalent--in a predecessor religion to environmentalism called Christianity--Martin Luther lost his temper and launched the Reformation".

It just gets better. He really rips the Hollywood Crowd a new one. Via Ace

OK, that's a lot of reading for y'all. Digest and be smarter.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Yeah, I know it's been a Week ..........
Since I last did anything here. Maybe the 3-4 of you have missed me. Maybe not.

Lot's going on here at the "GrumpyUnk Command and Control Bunker" as of late. It was 75 degrees out for a few days. I was busy.

I did a bunch of needed maintenance on the BigBluePlasticBike and rode some. Didn't ride a lot, but I rode some. My hand is still giving me some grief, so anything longer than 75 miles starts to get painful. But with a short break, I can resume for awhile.

Movie Revue - "THE 300".

TherapyBoy, the 1st born son, came over the other evening and dragged my lazy ass off to the movies to see this.

My Opinion? SEE IT.

I'm not a big fan of the type of cinematography involved with taking a Comic Book and translating it to film, as was done in this film. If you saw "Sin City", you know what I mean. But it worked OK here and didn't detract anything from the overall film.

I love the story. It has everything going for it. Being very familiar with the actual event this movie is based upon, I was ready to be disappointed. Yeah, there is a bit of artistic license taken at points, but it was OK and didn't detract any from the film. Real hero's, displaying all the traits that seem to be missing, or worse, looked down upon nowadays. Yeah, I liked it and will probably go see it again.

Overall? Just go see it.

Then go get a copy of "Gates of Fire" by Stephen Presfield. You'll really like the book. Same event in novel form. Very, very good. Maybe one of the best books I've read in last ten years.

So there you have it. The 300, is definitely worth spending your money on. "Gates of Fire"? Go find a copy. You will not be disappointed.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Book Review ...............
"The Force is Strong with This One."

I received my copy of "The Good, The Spam and The Ugly" yesterday. The Amazon link is right over there on the top right column. Go ahead and buy it. Money well spent.

I read about 1/2 of it last night. Now I'm unable to finish it as my son, Dogboy, has appropriated it.

He's now laying on the couch reading passages of it out loud to me and laughing like a fool.

Steve is a funny, funny, man. That cruel streak that all Lawyers are born with is still evident in the way he torments these spammers. Nice to see he's directed his Evil Genius in a positive manner.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Overheard in The ER............

ER Doctor - "So, what do you do for a living?"

20 year old Female - "I make Babies."

Doc - "Charming."

She was dead serious too. Uncle Sam pays 'em $550 a month for every one of the little Fuck Trophies they can punch out. Food Stamps, Medical care and special discounted housing.

Why wouldn't you become a brood mare? Beats working.

Interesting Information You Should Know ............

Dan Riehl has an extremely interesting article which begins with this -

"If your employer began paying you 80 cents on the dollar, but, not to worry, the other 20 cents was going to support "good causes", thereby giving you value instead of capital, would you be pleased?"

I know what I'd have to say about it and it wouldn't be nice.

"If not, you won't like what Al Gore has been quietly planning along with his Global Warming initiative. He and others are working to achieve that very thing and to bring it about in a manner which doesn't give you a vote in which values your dollars end up supporting."

It's a long article with a lot of links. Take some time and go read this entire article. Tuck that info away in your brain somewhere. You'll be hearing more about this.

As Kim Du Toit, says today: "It may be the most important thing you read all day."

Where do they GET these ideas, he asked?

Photo above via - Another place full of funny shit.

Monday, March 05, 2007

More on the ACLU Child Porn Case the Media Has Decided You're Not Interested IN .......

Last Week I posted a link to story out of Virginia about the former ACLU Chapter Prez who was busted on Child Porn Charges.

Have you heard anything about this? Nope. Not a damn thing. My guess is, you're not going to either.

Well, it appears that it's not just "Child Porn" either -
Ace of Spades reported yesterday (via link to Riehl World View) that - "It's Worse Than You Thought."

"What's worse than videos of the rape/torture of children?
How about videos of the rape/torture of infants and toddlers?

Ace, correctly notes, that the MSM had no problem running wall to wall, non-stop coverage of Ted Haggard and Mark Foley. Both cases of non-criminal (but disgusting) behaviour when it suited their purposes.

They don't seem to have problem turning a blind eye to behaviour like this when it involves the ACLU, one of the Lefts' sacred institutions.

Jeebus, I hate this shit. I'm guessing they'll toss this guy under the bus and hope to keep a lid on it. This sorta thing wouldn't reflect well on the people and the Party that does everything under the guise of, "For the Children". It may draw attention to the ACLU Policy To Legalize Child Porn Distribution.

Shit. Can't have that.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Here's Some Really Interesting Shit Regarding Al Gore and His "Carbon Offsets" ......

It wasn't like I had any doubt about Al Gore and his Global Warming Crusade being a sham. Now We get to see how that bastard pays His Monthly Electric Bill of $1,200.

I don't begrudge a guy spending his money any way he wants. But he claims he buys "Carbon Offsets" to help balance out all the Kilowatts he sucks up. OK, how's that work?

Here's how Bill Hobbs explains it -

"So far, so good. But how Gore buys his "carbon offsets," as revealed by The Tennessean raises serious questions. According to the newspaper's report, Gore buys his carbon offsets through Generation Investment Management:

Gore helped found Generation Investment Management, through which he and others pay for offsets. The firm invests the money in solar, wind and other projects that reduce energy consumption around the globe..."

Yep, that slimy shitbag is buying credits from his own company. The Hobbs Article covers all of this shit in much more detail.

I would urge you to read up on this so you'll be properly edumacated about just how these shitheads work.

Why is it that the more I see Gore, the more I'm reminded of Reverend Ike

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I Need Some Technical Help Here ..........

Ok, here's the deal. Steve at Hog on Ice Finally got his BOOK published and released.

First of all. Go buy a copy or 2. The book is his response to the Nigerian spam artists who clog all of our email boxes with BS claims to riches. I've read a lot of it that was posted on his site over the last year or two. It's really funny.

So what I want to do is put up a banner on the sidebar with a link and the picture of the cover as you see above.

So which of you Einsteins can help me out with this? Please advise and if necessary, you can have the keys to the place. If you promise not to get stupid that is.


BTW - I just went and bought a copy. So you cheap Bastids can too!