Friday, October 26, 2007

Our Friends in Congress ...........
Are at it again.
Saw this today at View From The Porch

"We're all terrorists now" -

"The House of Representatives has passed H.R.1955, the "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007". One of the bill's sponsors, Rep. Harman (D-CA), said
"We must intervene before a person crosses the line separating radical views from violent behavior, create an environment that discourages disillusionment and alienation, and instill in young people a sense of belonging and faith in the future."
She poses a few good questions about this bullshit as well.

I'm curious by just what they mean by "Intervene" and by who's definition of what "Radical Views" are.
I've got a bad feeling about that kind of language being used by people who have the power of the state behind them.

Lucky I keep a few cans of this around -

Molon Labe, Asshole.
Come and get some.

Because -

Beer Goggles.......
Denny, The Grouchy Old Cripple has a funny video on this subject. Check it out. Made me laugh.
Friday Night Music .......
Old Deep Purple doing "Highway Star". Listen to the drum work, fabulous. -

For something completely different, how about John Prine doing "Hello in there"? -

Here's The Allman Brothers, doing "In memory of Elizabeth Reed" -

Yes, I like live music. I've enjoyed having the capability to search YouTube and see a lot of this old stuff. I hope you enjoy it too.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Odd News and Headlines .......
Lots of strange things in the news the last few days.

Does this fall under the "Tastes like Chicken" or "Don't F*ck with Darwin"
Department? - "I'm not afraid of a panda, I know karate"
You decide.

This one definitely qualifies for "Political Headlines We Should See More Of" - Deputy mayor dies in monkey attack

Politicians ..... Angry, Attack Monkeys. Just makes sense.

And for kinda cool stunt of the day? Man levitates outside the White House

I've seen pictures of this guy before. It's a neat trick. I love crap like this so don't ruin it for me.

And for no good reason, George C. Scott as Patton playing "Smoke on the Water".

*Update/Addendum - This is what I get for having a day off. More crazy shit than I have time for. But, I wouldn't want you to miss out on anything.

Like this -
Aussie barmaid fined for crushing cans with bare breasts

Sadly, no pictures.

From the "Why I Hate People" Files - Hooker Mom Snorts Cocaine Off Baby’s Stomach While Breastfeeding

And finally, from the "Just Wrong, But I'm Gonna anyway" Department -

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Night Music ........
Here's Van Morrison doing "Wavelength" for ya.

Howzabout, "Domino"?

Here's a favorite of mine from James Taylor.

Cool Weapons/GunPorn Linkage ......
Who the hell wouldn't want one of these?

A magazine fed 20MM rifle! WooHoo!!

Brought to you via Anzio Ironworks Corp.

Look at the size of the round this thing shoots -

No, I have no idea what the hell you'd do with thing, but who gives a shit. Some things are just worth it for their cool points alone.

Maybe you need something for the wife and /or children?
This is the place -

Here's a little something special for that young lady in your household -

"The Glambo Signature Series "My Little Pony" M4A1 carbine with forward handgrip and AN-PVS4 night vision sight. The perfect way to introduce your little princess to the wonders of nocturnal wet-work!
A bargain at only $859.95!

It even has a Nightvision scope! My Daughter would love one of these. Shit, I'd buy one of these for myself and never hesitate to take it to the range.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Blow Up Doll ????????
Not what you think.

Denny at Grouchy Old Cripple has a

- Not Safe for Work -

example of same.
Something to Consider ......
As the election cycle of 2008 starts to heat up.

Saw this over at Absolute Moral Authority today.
A Couple More Pictures .......
The other day, Jerry from Back Home Again remarked in the comments, on my bemoaning Indiana's lack of mountains.

Indiana doesn't have mountains? I've been so misinformed. At least the hilly part of the state starts near your neck of the woods."

As I told him, there's hills and then there's HILLS -

8,347 feet of elevation. And it's only a Hill?

Just for comparison, the highest elevation in Indiana is a paltry 1,257 feet.

The link has a nice picture that I am unable to show you right now as Blogger is acting up again. Bah!

Monday, October 15, 2007

A bit More About the Trip............
Here's a few more pictures from my 'Ernest Goes to Montana" trip.
Chimney Rock. In Northwest Nebraska. I figured if it was good enough for all the pioneers on the Oregon Trail to use as a landmark, it should work for me.

I give you CARHENGE
I made a slight (150 mile) detour out of my way to check this goofy shit out. This is one of those "Because We Can" type of things and I can't say much more about it.

I don't suppose I have to tell you what this is -

I stayed here in a nice little motel (1 of 3 businesses in town) my first night in Wyoming.

I stopped for a break in the afternoon at a city park in Powell, WY and met an elderly gentleman and his wife out walking their dog. 84 years old and a motorcycle rider up until only a few years ago. Really neat guy. His best line was - "I wish I were 70 again so I could go with you". Kinda puts a different perspective on aging. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of them.

Well, Blogger is messing up and won't let me post any more pictures. So that's it for now.
My House is Getting Smaller.....
As my wife continues to fill it with dogs.

I came home from work late Saturday night and found this big ass, red Doberman taking up space -

Long story as to how he came to be here, but both the wife and youngest son, appropriately nicknamed, Dogboy, had already decided that this mutt was gonna be a part of the household.

He's HUGE. Pete the Gay Boxer Dog on the left there weighs in at around 75 lbs. This Doberman just dwarfs him. The poor thing is skinny as a rail and you can tell he's not been eating to well as of late. G-d knows how big he'll be once he gets his feed back on.

Do I sound like I've already accepted this as inevitable? That'd be correct. It was a done deal between the 2 of them and that's the way it was gonna be. Being that I like dogs ......... Oh hell, why fight it.

He doesn't appear to be very old. He's very trainable and EXTREMELY well mannered and calm. Just wants to sit with/near you and hang out. Friendly as hell. He looks about half retarded, as somebody did a terrible job on his ears and his tail is way to long for a Dobe. But between him and Pete the Gay Boxer, I don't have to worry about home security and the wife being alone while I'm at work till late at night.

This is gonna be Dogboys buddy. So all of you can join with me in hoping that the kid gets a good job and finds a place to live where he can take that big bastard with him.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Music .......
With the new internet connection, I've been able to cruise through YouTube and have found a bunch of old videos of one of my favorite players, Rory Gallagher. Rory was a fantastic musician, but never achieved the fame he deserved. To bad as he could tear up a guitar.

Here's one for today -

Oh hell, here's another - This one's an acoustic tune by Tony Joe White.

As I'm surfing through Rory vids I keep finding cool shit. Like this one -

What the hell. I doubt many of you know who the hell Rory was anyway. Be good for you to check him out.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hi Honey, I'm Home!!!!!
Well, I'm back from the Wild Wild West Trip of '07.

Devils Tower is awesome in the morning. A great way to start a day. See the Moon in there?

Approximately 6000 miles in 19 days. 6 of which were non riding days. Mileage got screwed up when I erased the trip odometer in Kansas and lost around 700 miles. Oops.

Weather sucked for the most part. Cold, rain, wind gusts of 60+ mph and snow.

Great trip anyway.

Random thoughts -
*Nebraska is to damn long. It should have been 2 states. When riding West to East, you feel like you're never gonna get out of it. Even when you're averaging 85-90 mph. If it were 2 states, you'd at least feel like you were accomplishing something while driving 500+ miles.

*Indiana needs a couple of mountains. It'd be nice to look out the window and see a few of these.
Yep. That'd be nice. That was taken from the motel in Utah.

*If I had a shitload of money, I'd go to Idaho and buy old cars and sell them back East.

*You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a Hippie in Idaho.

*One of every 4 TV stations in Utah is produced by the Mormons.

*People drive better out West and are way more considerate to motorcycles.

That's enough random thoughts for the time being. Things went pretty well overall. Had a few weird electrical quirks on the bike, but they fixed themselves. Except for the clock. It crapped out some where in Kansas and never did get it to work consistently.

Maybe when your hit 4 time zones in a week that's what happens. Freaks the friggin' clock out.

Saw way more snow than a guy should when riding a motorcycle.

The riding and roads are incredible. This is somewhere on the Chief Joesph Highway in Wyoming.

Ok. More later.
I gotta go play
with the Baby's Mom.