Monday, May 28, 2007

Home, Home on the Range.............

Took the new Mosin-Nagant M91/30 to the range this morning. Damn. This rifle is a lot more accurate than I am. Surprising how well it shoots. Here's some sample targets fired off a bench but with only my gear bag as a rest at 100 yards with the stock, open sights. Yeah, I want a scope for it now. That black circle is 6" BTW for those of you who are wondering.

As you can see, there's a bunch of flyers that aren't anywhwere near where I was thinking they'd go. But in reality, they went right where I aimed at. That's not the rifles' fault. With some practice and a better rest to shoot from, this thing should be really good.

Scratch that. The rifles fine now. I'm the one who needs more practice.

Here's the crew I went with. Both of these guys are shooters. The fella giving the thumbs up? He's a real shooter. Knows his shit and taught me several good things this morning.

Here's YerUnk, deep in the concentration mode. Check out the size of those rounds laying there. The 7.62x54Russian round is a decent cartridge. These surplus Czech rounds were clocked at 2800 feet per second. Not bad, considering they were made in 1959.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

More Treason by Our Media Masters........
Well, at least it wasn't the New York Times.


This time.

No, this time it was F**king ABC News.

Good Lord. Intelligence of that type had to come from a very well placed leak in one of the Intelligence Agencies. Most likely the CIA, which has had an ongoing war with the Bush White House. Every swinging dick involved with the release of this story should be hanging in irons right now with Dick Cheney supervising the interrogations. "Get that Blowtorch on the right testicle only. We may need to light up the other one if this Dipstick decides to be a hero! And what the hell happened to my Cattle Prod!"
In my dreams.

This is what, the 3rd or 4th MAJOR Intelligence leak in the last 3 years?
If George had a pair he'd have all these SpoogeWads begging to tell 'em where this info came from. I'd f**k 'em up right quick, get the answers, round up the perps, load 'em all on a C-130 and dump the whole sorry lot of them about 300 miles offshore. From about 20,000 feet. Sans parachute.

If only. No hope against the "Defeat at any cost" crowd playing it by their rules. Time to start fighting back.
Tell 'em, Johnny.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Linkage on the Sidebar.......
Check out Mesablue and Wicked Pinto's place - Absolute Moral Authority.

No. This picture has nothing to do with anything. I was looking for a cool Pinto picture and couldn't find it. But this one made me laugh and that's what you get.

I have more goofy pictures saved in files than I know what to do with. Absolutely no organisation either. So I can never find shit when I do want it.

Oh well. That's my life in a nutshell.

Roger , had the picture below at his place the other day and it was so like the Zombies I deal with at work every day I just had to save it. Check out the nice way the editor slammed this idiot in the caption.

OK, that's it for today. We'll see if I find the motivation to come back here tomorrow.
In Case You Were Wondering ..............

Where the hell I've been. I've just been busy and sorta letting this place go for the last couple of weeks.
I apologise to the 3 of you that read this crap. Just so much going on as of late. The computer has been giving me major fits too. I'm beginning to wonder how long this old bastid is gonna hold up.

Here's what's sitting on the Kitchen counter now that's been taking up some of my time -
I love baby Chicks. I had a pretty disappointing hatch. 10 of 21 eggs hatched. Of those 4 were majorly retarded.
Generally, temperature and/or humidity that's not consistently in the right range during the incubation period will cause that. I'm sure that's what happened this time too. My incubator is getting old and isn't as reliable as it once was.
Luckily for me, 3 of the Retards decided to die on their own right quick. The bad news is I had to cull 1 of them myself.
I hate doing that. And I never get used to it. I don't mind wringing the neck of a chicken I'm planning on eating, but Nuking a chick is not an easy thing for me. But it has to be done. Because sure as hell, the other birds will kill a Retard when they get older. I found that out the hard way and it's a hell of lot more humane for me to kill 'em than to have all the others peck it to death one day.
So we have 6 cute little chicks to add to the flock and that's a good thing.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Damn. Cleaning Out Fence Line is Hard Work ...........
I knew there was a reason I'd let this job go for awhile. Whew! My old ass is worn out. Dug out a bunch of Mulberry trees and wild rosebushes today. My name for Mulberry trees is "Dammit Trees". As in, "Dammit! There's another one!" Thank G-d I had Dogboy helping me.

<--Maybe I need some of this shit, 'eh? Ok, maybe not. Just a thought.
The good news is I won't have to dig out anymore big ones in this area again. The bad news is there's a whole bunch more fence row that needs to be cleared. It's basically a full time job. All the fence was overgrown when I moved here and there was a stack of old car parts and trashed lawn movers, along with a bunch of other shit all stacked up along about 100 yards of fence when I got here.

I've been cleaning it up a bit at a time. 14 truck loads of parts, mowers, etc to the recyclers so far. Maybe 3 to go. Doesn't look quite so Hillbilly now.

There's still a bunch of small trees and Roses to go. And one long stretch of Honeysuckle that's taken over. I love the way that stuff smells, but it's damn near impossible to keep it contained or controlled. I'm not even wantin' to think about all the wild Blackberries that need Nuked.

Roundup is your friend.

I let a lot of this crap go last year after the Doc's told me to stay the hell out of the sunlight. Lupus and sunlight's not a real good mix and it really puts a crimp in your energy level. I'm also treating the skin cancer on my ears now with some Toxic Ass Shit that's makin' them look like somebody poured lighter fluid on 'em and lit it.

Screw it. I bought a big ol' straw hat. So I'm gonna get the garden going again this year too.
Shit, I live in the friggin country. May as well act like it.

Or maybe I could get a couple of real woman, like these two to help.
"Hey Honey, when you're done diggin' that tree out, toss this engine block up in the truck for me."
OK, I'll Admit it. I Thought it Said - "Penile" ..............
And then I had a good laugh.
I mean, considering who it's about and all, it made sense.
It's not like I really give a shit what happens to the Ho Bag, but I really doubt she'll have to spend anytime in the GreyBar Hotel.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Concert Review ..........

Went down to Louisville last night with a friend to see The Unknown Hinson.

This Dude can flat rock.

Three piece. Bass, Drums and Guitar. Super tight and all 3 of them are excellent musicians.

This was the first time I'd seen them live, though I'd heard them on a Live Lunch at WFPK Radio 2 years ago. (Follow that link to the archives and you can hear the shows. They have one in 2005 and 2006.)

(Just as an aside here - WFPK has the best Blues on Saturday Nights starting at 9 pm and running till 6 in the morning. It is available on your computer and I highly recommend it.)

Unknown Hinson is one of the best live performers I have ever seen and is an extraordinarily talented guitarist.

I've spent many years and untold amounts of money over the years going to see bands and frankly, I can't think of anyone I've ever seen that's a better guitar player. He was smoking it last night. The band was with him on every change - and there were a lot of them, as he'd bounce into and out of songs without missing a beat. As an example - Hendrix, "Manic Depression" with a cross into The Allman Brothers, "In memory of Elizabeth Reed" and back to Hendrix. Sounds strange but it worked great. He showed a mastery of various styles. Country, Jazz, Rock and Blues as he worked thru his VERY LONG set.

The crowd was obviously familiar with his originals and sang along on all of them. Songs like "I make faces when I make love", "I ain't afraid of your Husband", and one of my favorites, "Fish Camp Woman". He pronounces it "Womyrn", but it's an absolute smoking, blues number.

It seems that Unknown has been doing the voice on a cartoon called SquidBillies on Adult Swim. Now, I don't know shit about Cable Cartoon shows or anything like that. So that was all new to me. Looks pretty funny from what they were playing for an hour or so before the show.

OK, that's the deal. If this guy comes anywhere close to your neighborhood? Go check 'em out. You will not be disappointed.

I'm YerUnk and I approve this message.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

OK, I Really Like This .............

Too funny.

I was at Kim's, The Gun Thing Forum this morning and they were doing the Demotivator thing. This is always a good time.

If you've not seen the Demotivators before, go check this stuff out. It makes it hard to keep a straight face when you go to Human Resources and see the motivational posters on the walls there. But if you've experienced the real thing? You'll love these.

Oh, there's a Do it yourself section too.

It's not hard to use. Here's one I made -

I could see this as a HUGE timewaster.

Oh yeah, I make me laugh.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Just in Case You Were Wondering About the Rise in Gas Prices ......
It's gonna get worse.

Courtesy of Hugo Chavez.

Al, at Cold Fury explains it here. Go ahead and read the links, it's good for you.

Yeah, that's a picture of me wondering why the friggin Leftist, Rat Bastards, love Commie Dictators so much.

Bring on the Thorazine.

I'm gonna need it.

Oooops. Wrong House ..........
Courtesy of Emperor Misha comes this story of "Home invasion gone wrong for [illegal] criminals".

It seems that these two fine gentleman, here doing the work that Americans won't do, decided that breaking into the home of 11 year old Patricia Harrington was a grand idea.

Seems they were wrong - " It seems the two crooks never learned two things, they were in Montana and Patricia had been a clay shooting champion since she was nine. Patricia was in her upstairs room when the two men broke through the front door of the house. She quickly ran to her father's room and grabbed his 12 gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun." - "Vaya Con Dios, MoFo". She dusted the pricks and Justice ensued.

That's a good thing.

It's a bad thing that an 11 year old will have to live with that shit forever. But she will be alive at least.-
"It was found out later that Resindez was armed with a stolen 45 caliber handgun he took from another home invasion robbery. The victim, 50 year old David Burien, was not so lucky as he died from stab wounds to the chest."

This shit is really starting to piss me off. Having lived in El Paso, Texas for a few years and spending quite a lot of time in Mexico, I know why they want to come here.

I genuinely like Hispanic folks and have been pretty understanding about why they're coming here. But damn. It's turned into a friggin' invasion.
The huge increase in crime is just one reason to be concerned. I'm seeing it here in my little town.

Don't know what's gonna happen with this, but I can bet that the Dickheads in Washington will figure out some way to implement a disastrous solution to this problem.

YerUnk Update on this item: It appears that this news item may not be factual. Or so I've been told. I don't know one way or the other, but I thought I'd better note it here for ya. Use, quote, etc at your own risk. That is all. Unk out.
One Year Ago Today I Posted This ...........

"THE CALL" .....

Thelma, The GrumpyUnk Mom, passed away yesterday.

Yesterday evening, just as the sun was setting, I got "THE CALL".
Everyone either already knows about what "THE CALL" means or they will. Sooner or later.

The boy who cuts my Mothers lawn told his Mom that "Something didn't look right" at my Moms' place. Mom ALWAYS keeps her place locked up like Ft. Knox and is very regimented on her routines.

The lawn kid noticed that she hadn't closed her front door up yet and didn't answer when he knocked. The storm door was locked and the big door was still open at around 7pm. Not normal. His Mom tried calling and got no answer.

She then made "THE CALL" here and told me.All I could say was ........ Shit.

I already knew what I was gonna find.

Dogboy and I got in the car and drove over there. I told him on the way over that we weren't likely to find anything good when we got there. He already knew that, of course, but I had to say it anyway.

We didn't find anything good.

I had Dogboy, who is very close to his Grandma, wait outside, while I went in and looked around. I was hoping to find her in her chair or in bed, or something like that. Not quite, but that's the way life is. We don't generally get to pick when or how it ends.

Dogboy goes over there from work and has lunch with her most everyday. Yesterday he got off work early and didn't make it as usual. That was probably a good thing. Better that I was the first one to find her instead of him. Mom was 80 years old and did pretty well for her age. But she was 80 years old. I'm not sure why I was surprised she'd died.

I'm an RN and have seen many folks die. But never my Mom, so I was kinda shook up and for a few minutes I didn't know just what I was supposed to do. After a few minutes, I got on the phone to 911 and the nice dispatcher got things rolling in an orderly manner. Jack, One of my friends on the Police force showed up and took charge of the situation and things went ok from there. More of my friends from the local EMS came and took over. God bless 'em all for helping me out.

Strangely enough, Mom had called my Sister in Law last Friday and went over everything she wanted regarding her funeral arrangements.

So maybe she was less surprised than I was about the whole thing.I

t's funny how earlier yesterday I was putting up "Birth Announcements" for baby chickens and then the lawn kids' Mom makes "THE CALL". And everything you've ever known in your life changes. While making "CALLS" of my own today, several folks mentioned, how she had recently said she was "Getting tired and ready to go". Funny, She had been bragging to me, just last week, about how much better she'd been doing lately. I'm not sure if that means anything significant or if her Alzhiemers was just more or less active, depending on who she was talking to and when. Guess I'll never know now.

We had had a pretty tempestuous relationship through the years, but had pretty much settled into a good thing as we both matured. Except of course, when I'd push her buttons and twist her tail, just to see her get all pissy for fun.

She seldom failed to disappoint. People who know me are able to do the same shit to me and get the same kinda reactions. They're seldom disappointed either. Yeah, you know who you are ....... You Shitheads. I guess I got that from her. Well, I can use that as a good excuse anyway.

We're gonna miss her. She was a good ol' Girl.

Thelma GrumpyMom. 8-29-25 -- 5-1-06