Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm Going to Alabama on Vacation.........
Via Montana.
Yeah Montana. So There. Yes, always pay attention to the signs when you travel.

I've got 3 weeks vacation time lined up and have decided to head West. Before going South.
I originally thought about a trip to the Washington, DC area to see the sights there but never got a call back from the old Army Buddy who lives in MD. As it turns out, I DID receive a call back from the Old Army Buddy in Montana. So there you go.

See how easy that was?

I've got 3 weeks scheduled off from both jobs and I hope to take TheBigBluePlasticKawasaki on a long leg stretcher. Or Butt Buster. Depending on how you look at it.

My main riding buddy, Mr. T, the Xray Wizard, is taking his Significant Other East for a short break during the same time period and we hope to hook up at
Barber Motorsports Museum in Alabama and ride home together.

The odds of that working out are ........ Oh, roughly 3:1, but that's the plan for now and we'll stick with that till it falls apart. I only give it 3:1 odds because He's going to the East Coast and I'm heading 2000 miles in the opposite direction.
And we're gonna meet in Birmingham, Alabama on a specific day, 2 -1/2 weeks later. Sounds good, but we'll see how it goes.

I hope it goes ok, as The Barber Museum was the only place we had on our "Gotta Go To" list this year. Would kinda suck if we only have one place on our list and don't even get that right. So I'm gonna do my part to make it happen.

I've got the bike prepped pretty well. Got a new Corbin seat the other day for it and that's gonna help. The old stock seat was wore down bad. The Corbin is hard as a rock but it gives you some movement. So, while it's not the best thing, it's a hell of a lot better than what I had.

I've been gathering shit together for several weeks now and have a huge pile already. I'll have to go thru, prune and toss a bunch till I get the packing list right.

I should make a damn list and commit it to paper. I go thru this every time and say the same thing. Does that surprise anybody?

I always end up leaving some little bullshit at home and buying it on the road. Eh. Could be worse. At least I'm out there on the road.

What I do need to do is get in RIDING SHAPE.

Most folks don't realise what I mean when I say "Riding Shape". There's a huge difference between riding your bike to work everyday and doing 500 or 600 mile days routinely for 3 weeks straight.

It's been about 2 months since I had a 300 mile day. Yeah, I ride almost everyday and have put 10,000+ miles on this year, but it's just not the same as riding long distances everyday. So I'm gonna by hitting it hard for the next few weeks and working myself into shape.

Yeah, what a bitch, eh? I gotta ride a lot to get in shape for a friggin vacation. Ha!Ain't it good to be living in the USA?

I do expect to be going through Utah, so I'm studying everything I need to know.

The great outdoors.

Welcome to flavor country.

This is the Crazy Unc's co-author, Mini Dreadnaught or MD for short, and today kids, we're going to talk about outdoor activities. One of the outdoor activities I enjoy is varmint hunting, prairie dog hunting in particular. Today we are going to delve into this subject and I'm going to share some of the things I've learned in the last few years. Prairie dogs are found out West in several states. They start to appear West of Pierre, South Dakota They have been spotted further East but not in any great numbers. These critters hibernate like many other rodents and breed after awakening from their slumber. Hunting season begins in May and last through September. Alot of info says they get as tall as 18", however I've never seen one that tall. Most run around maybe 10" at most and are about 2.5-3" at the widest. That gives us a target profile of about a 12 oz. can of pop or an average size water bottle. These guys burrow and have tunnels from mound to mound; not too different from the Viet Cong. In the morning they come out of the burrows and get some sun while cutting grass that they form in to little bails of hay that they store up for future use. Prairie dogs have the odd habit of standing upright and can be static for several minutes at a time. They do this to provide security for the guys that are working. The good news is that the security sucks. In addition, standing upright gives the savvy rifleman time to line up for a shot. The way to hunt these guys is to give'em a little space, say a couple of hundred yards, then set up on benches or prone and start picking'em off. At this range they rarely hear the shot and if they do it should be the last sound in their rat world. Ranges can be from 50 yards to over a 1000 for the more skilled among us. I ain't that guy. My cut off is more like 600-700 yards with the right equipment. This begs the question: "Are you really hunting?" No, it is more like we are shooting. It takes no skill to find the game. However, it takes a tremendous amount of skill to place consistent shots at varying ranges with multiple target presentations. I'm happy to report that my hunting buddies have mad skillz. Sound fun? Well, it is. So much fun in fact, that those assholes from PETA keep trying to find a way to ban it all together.

Anything fun usually requires the right tools of the trade to make it worthwhile and this is no exception. The most important piece of equipment is an accurate rifle. Books have been written describing just what that is so, I'll spare you. What one needs is a rifle that can consistently put 5 shots in a half inch at 100 yards. Less is always great but takes some work to get there. By work I mean money and time at the loading bench. More than an inch for 5 shots makes it a bit more difficult to score hits out past 250 yards or so. It can be done but expect to spend alot more rounds for the same effect. Next, you need good optics. A quality scope will not make you a better shot but it will make the game more visible with greater detail and hopefully not break during crunch time. You can take your chances with a cheap scope but that is exactly what you're taking-a chance. A poor quality scope may not hold zero (meaning it's point of impact may wander,) or it may not have the clarity to see the target at great distance. If a cheap scope takes a tumble you are probably assed out. My recommendations is buy the best scope you can afford and never look back. Scopes I like are: Leupold and Burris. They are American made and have a lifetime guarantee and there are plenty of models available to accomplish our objective. In terms of power (magnification) life begins at about 10 power. Usually described as 10X. When you are buying a scope the companies will describe them like this 6.5X-20X-50mm. The 6.5 is the low power, the 20 is the high power and the 50mm is the diameter of the bell meaning the front objective lens of the scope. Anything less than 10X and those little rats are damn hard to see past 300 yards. At the other end of the spectrum, the max power can be as high as 36X. With this much magnification mirage can become a problem. Mirage distorts the images of static objects meaning that the actual target may be several inches away from where you are aiming depending on the range. You know, light waves and shit. I like to top out around 20X-24X with the ability to crank the power down as needed to compensate for mirage. 14X is a good compromise. If you are new to shooting, sight the rifle in at home and don't touch the knobs again. If you can add quickly in your head and can divide by 4 then turning the turrets may be an option for you. Reticules are the cross hairs or what you see when you look through the scope. Leupold and Burris both make varmint reticules that compensate for range and holdover and are highly recommended. What is not recommended is a standard cross hair. The reason why is that there are no reference points to make corrections with. If you shoot low and right there is no way to compensate for that without Kentucky windage or basically just guessing without dialing in with the knobs. I have such a reticule and will have it replaced before the next trip. Now you have to have something to hold the rifle steady. That should be a mechanical front rest and a sandbag in the rear. The rest should be sufficiently heavy enough that during recoil it doesn't move. The sandbag should be tall enough that your head is in a comfortable position for aiming the rifle. Bi-pods are a worthy substitute for a front rest. Ammunition comes from two sources: factory fresh or reloads. Factory ammo can be wonderfully accurate and incredibly expensive if bought in bulk. Reloads will generally out perform factory ammo if loaded properly and can save you alot of money. The down side is that it takes time to make up ammunition in sufficient quantity. It also takes alot of time to get the ammunition to perform the way you want it to. The caveat is that you control the components when you roll your own the factory gives you what they load and that is it. I reload. Want to learn how? I'll teach you, just ask. Amounts of ammo should be about 200 rounds per day. If you suck, make it 300 rounds. Just kidding. Or am I? This is the must haves to get this done and have a good time. Other stuff like benches, water, transportation, is usually provided by the guide.

The set up.

This is a properly em placed varmint rifle atop a swivel style bench. Note the mechanical front rest with sand bag rear. Scope is a Leupold 6.5X-20X-50mm with varmint reticule. Rifle is chambered in 6mm Norma BR (benchrest.) 107gr Sierra matchkings at 2800 fps.

What is ideal is to set up in a higher elevation than the surrounding terrain with many different mounds visible. This gives you plenty of opportunities to shoot as many dogs as you can. Being high up means that close shots aren't obstructed due to the terrain. If you are on your belly you can't really see anything that close to you. Due to the landscape the closest dogs you may see can be a couple of hundred yards away. Personally, I like to shoot off of benches for just that reason. Moreover, it is far more comfortable over the course of the day. Shooting prone will rub your elbows and knees raw and give you hellacious neck cramps and a doozy of a headache. Not to mention gastrointestinal discomfort after lunch. Once set up properly the fun begins. You are high they are low, time for a little Diem Bien Phu action. (Read a history book you moron.)

Unleash Hell!

"Tell my wife I lo...."

Well placed shot at 400 plus.

Alternate quote: "Is it bad, Doc?"

Now there they are and this what we came here for but steady lad, this is no time for the shakes. It takes a cool deliberate hand to make this happen right. We aren't here to contribute to prairie dog disability statistics, we are here to make orphans. Take your time and make it count. It is our duty as sportsmen to eradicate these pests in the most humane fashion and cause them as little suffering as possible. It is far better to miss then wound one. If you do wound one, and you will, it is of paramount importance to get on him and end it quick. No true sportsmen takes pleasure in wounding game. It is your ethical responsibility to kill as cleanly as possible. That being said, you can put alot of rounds down range in a hurry. Check that barrel! If it is so hot that you can't hold on to it give it a rest. This is a good time to drink some water or pull out your other rifle. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Oops, that one got away.

Not exactly what I had in mind when I said, "discreetly."

As Mentioned earlier, the prone position does have its gastrointestinal pitfalls. In 90+ degree heat with lunch and a carbonated beverage on board things are going to happen. It is perfectly normal and healthy to pass flatus at times such as this. However, sometimes one may get more than what one has bargained for. Yes Virginia, I am speaking of the shart. The shart is an unexpected and unwanted passage of loose stool while attempting to pass flatus. In some parts of the U.S. this may be known as a fizzle. Do not confuse this with incontinence which is a condition that usually affects the very young and very old. The shart is an enigma unto itself. When a shart strikes action must be taken quickly to avoid complications. Okay, first off we have to come to terms with what the hell just happened here. Systems check: is there a moist feeling between your buttocks? When you shift your legs does it feel like someone squirted some palm olive down your shorts? Yes? If so, then signs point to a shart. Now this is the important part-do not, and I mean do not, take your hand and feel for moisture. You will only draw attention to yourself and possibly get poo on your hand. Act nonchalant, gracefully bow out of any conversation by waving to someone and walking away. Laterally if it is an option. If dining-finish immediately. Obviously, your body has had enough. If with a lady think of something quick because this date is over, mister. You've got to eject post haste. Lie and do it fast. Lie like you owe the mafia money and get the hell to the nearest mens room fast. Denial is your greatest enemy. If you don't act fast there is no way to contain the spill and smell travels faster than a Beijing prostitute with a winning lottery ticket. I've developed an acronym for just such a circumstance: S.T.O.P. S is for stand. You must stand immediately. It is the only way to gain enough buttock tension to prevent the shart from eggressing Southward. As before be discreet. Don't jump up like you're on fire just calmly stand up. T is for tighten. You must tighten your buttocks in such a way that the feces are contained and gently nestled into a safe place within the recesses of your large ass. Do not, I repeat do not, squeeze too tightly or rapidly or you will in turn launch the feces further into your undergarments or down your leg if you're a boxers only man. O is for observe. We are looking for two things here: a way out and to see if any one has noticed. This is a time for nerves of steel, man. If you've got a poker face then this is the time to use. Next, we must find a route out of this arena of shame. Avoid the crowds, skirt along the sides if possible with purposeful deliberate movements but do not draw attention to yourself. If you've got a jacket then put it on. Another good technique is to side step as much as possible while looking casual. P is for purge. Yes, purge. That shart was no accident it was a foul harbinger of things to come. Get to that toilet ASAP. Now that the lid is properly dressed it is a good time to assess the situation. Easy now, this may not be pretty. Okay, pants to ankles and now very gently ease your underwear down. Be careful to handle only the waistband. If there is anymore of a wet spot than the size of a dime then the underwear must be destroyed. If the answer is no, then you are in luck. Take some toilet paper and clean the stain as well as possible. We are looking for dryness here don't go over board. It is unlikely that you could ascertain the old stains from this new one even in the best of times let alone now.

Okay, now you can panic.

Okay, that was close. Thank God and get home stat. Now, for you poor bastards with a stain bigger than a dime. First, set up your pants and underwear in a two tier configuration. Pants to the ankles and underwear to the mid-calf position or about six inches higher than your pants for those of you with thin girlish calves. With your soiled skivvies in check proceed to finish what you started. Relax, a tense crap is a horrible waste of ones time. It is okay, breath and return to def-con one. Finished? Good. Now take your trusty knife and cut your underwear down both sides. What do you mean you don't have a knife? Who in the hell goes out without a knife.? Okay dumbass, go to phase two. Remove your shoes and pants and place them on your lap. Now carefully remove the soiled garment and attempt to avoid getting shit on your socks. Redress. Yes, I have to say redress because you're the one who sharted and forgot his knife so, I have to assume that you're an idiot and needs to have step-by-step instruction or you'll go out of the bathroom holding your pants and shoes under you're arm with your banner gallantly streaming in the wind. For those of you smart enough to have brought your knife cut away the underwear and discard the soiled portion. You may use the clean parts of the fabric to further clean yourself as cotton is highly absorbent and feels great against ones skin. This being done, exit the facilities and be proud you made it. Now if this should happen where there is no restrooms then merely walk until you are out of sight of anyone else drop your pants and find out what our forefathers knew a long time ago. And for this stunt you damn well better have a knife.

That's the idea, Sparky.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Overheard in the ER...........
35 year old male comes in by EMS. Extremely intoxicated and suicidal. The conversation as I remember it.

ER Nurse: So what's going on today?
Drunk Asshole: I don't wanna live anymore if my wife's gonna leave me.
ER Nurse: Let me guess,. It's got something to do with your drinking, right?
Drunk Asshole: That's what she said.
ER Nurse: That's not it. She's really mad because you don't have a job.

Drunk Asshole: How'd you know?
ER Nurse: Just a guess.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yer Unk Has Had a Major Computer Malfunction.....
"The old Grey Mare, She ain't what she used to be".

Had a major malfunction and just decided to quit upgrading a 10 year old computer.
I am now breaking in the new computer here & I've come to this conclusion already - Windows Vista? Pretty Much Sucks.

I actually got along pretty well with XP. So far, not digging the Vista to much.

Ok, on to other things.

I hope you like the new co-host here. I have to go figure out how to configure Blogger to allow him to post under his own name. I'm sure that will be another ex cerise in frustration. Eh, what the hell.

I have to recover all the cool pictures and what not from the old computer yet and reinstall or move things over here too. That's gonna keep me busy for a lot longer than it would for most Capuchin Monkeys, but that's the way it goes.

OK. Just wanted to say Hi and let all 3 of you know I'm still alive.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Welcome to flavor country...

Normally, this is where your Crazy Uncle would hit you with something slick and funny but I ain't that guy. I've been recruited by the Unc to come in and drop some knowledge on you avid readers so he can have a breather and catch some more ride time before Summer craps out. First off, a little about myself, I am a Southerner by birth and proud of it. And no, that doesn't mean I belong to any exclusive gentleman's clubs where white sheets are required attire. It does mean that I am a little different in my way of thinking and that will be reflected in my prose. My interest are many and the articles may be a little random at times but, variety is not a bad thing. (Unless you ask your wife.) Anyway, lots of ground to cover so let us get started.

Isn't that a great looking couple?

A lot to be said for a successful couple enjoying a hard earned vacation somewhere exotic. Just look at them. No doubt they are going to have some nice kids to go on and do some good for the stars and bars. That is what America is all about.

Now how the hell did these two get into the picture?

Well, honestly, they have always been there. In fact, it is nearly impossible to weed them out of any scene. Why, do you ask? Well, for same damn reason they are a lot more successful at breeding then the more affluent in our society. It could be that since they likely have no jobs or responsibilities it opens up quite a bit more time for them to indulge in recreational and unprotected sex. And that, my friend, leads to babies. Lots and lots of babies. So many babies that they are out breeding the tax payers at an alarming rate. On one hand, the baby boomers are retiring and becoming more reliant on the government while on the other, all these new babies from the legion of sexually charged unemployed flood us with new expense. That leaves you and I in the middle of a candle burning at both ends. Yep, you see it every time you go to Wal-Mart, hordes of these little devils running around with parents you just know are doing a good job. Yet, at the same time you see what appears to be intelligent well-dressed folks of breeding age oddly, with no kids. Eerie. Just what is going on with that. Every day in my line of work I see yet another trailer park honey inseminated by some near-do-well (age 16) while some of the ladies I work with are having fertility problems. What is up with that? I have worked in numerous different hospitals since '99 and it seems like in everyone of those I knew a young educated couple that was having a hard time trying to conceive. While at the same time, people that shouldn't be having kids are spitting them out like pop-tarts out of a toaster. Yeah man, sometimes two at a time. There has to be something primordial going on here. Something not on the surface. Maybe even something on the genetic level, bound in our very DNA. Perhaps we should look to nature for an answer. But first, we need a good example. Got it!

Enter the sea turtle.

Sea Turtles? Yes, sea turtles. Sea turtles are a dim-witted amphibian that swim in the open ocean and lay eggs but once a year. However, when they eggs they lay them over a hundred at a time. Why is that? Well, sea turtles don't hang around to raise their young so that makes them a little more susceptible to harm. In addition, when the eggs hatch all the baby sea turtles make a mad dash to the sea guided by instinct alone. During this period many of the hatching's are eaten by predators, become lost, or die of exposure. So, let us recap: parents not around, vulnerable youth in a strange place left unattended, predators at large. Yep, that sounds about right. See where I'm going with this? Let me elaborate some more. Nature recognizes that slow dim-witted animals fall prey to circumstance and accident far more often then creatures that have nurturing parents that keep their young from harm and teach them as they reach maturity. Hence, to compensate the less intellectually advantaged animals produce many more offspring to ensure that at least a few make it to breeding age. The real question is can this happen within a species? I think it can and has.

This is what the line to the tilt-a-whirl looks like at the county fair.

"I'ma going to get me that Motley Crue bandana."

The theory of evolution works on the premise that only the strong survive and that if a species does not adapt they will become extinct. Perhaps, we are seeing some of that here. If dumb parents are left to their own devices it is likely that very few of their offspring would make it to adulthood. These parents make poor choices for themselves and this extends to their young. Choices like: letting your kid eat poison berries, loosing track of your child, using them for bait to draw in predators, and of course poor hygiene and disease. On a modern note this is compounded by: drug abuse, fetal alcohol syndrome, exploitation, loading all the kids in the back of the pick-up with old Smokey the family hound, and living in a flimsy aluminum structure between the seven and ten pins of tornado alley. I surmise that these individuals are endowed with greater fertility to offset the likelihood of high infant mortality rates, accidents, and neglect. It is a plausible answer for the question at hand. Don't believe me? Well, go down to the local watering hole and witness the increased libido on display by this sect of society. In fact, an enhanced sex drive may be the mechanism by which they propagate this class of society. Oddly, it seems that all they have to do is have relations one time and, no matter what time of the month it is, it takes. Consider this, in most high schools lots of kids are having sex and a lot of that sex is unprotected, okay, now whose kids always end up pregnant? It ain't the captain of the football team, is it? And we know he is doing just fine in the hook up department so, there has to be something more. Who gets knocked up? Yeah, the guy in introduction to addition third year running and BeBe who failed home economics. Sit there and tell me that is perfectly natural. In nature the alpha male and alpha female are the most fit to breed and yet, the beta pair in our society is winning hands down. Moreover, in nature this would be circumvented because the less desirable offspring would have lower survival rates because they would fall to predation and disease quicker than the stronger members of the herd. Conversely, in our modern world they are protected from most predators (except uncle Albert, pervert.) and cured from disease. So, when little Johnny takes a handful of mom's cymbalta what happens? 911 to the rescue. When little Jenny gets in a knife fight for her colors, you guessed it, EMS stops the bleeding. Yes Virginia, Darwin is being defeated not by right wing bible thumpers but by nosey old ladies that have telephones. And all the while this is going on the smart couples are having to gulp clomid by the handfuls or are choosing not to breed at all. There it is old pal, the sea turtle theory. To recap: dumb people do dumb things and this leads to higher rates of disease and death, to offset this they are able to have more children, smart people have smart kids that are more likely to make it to adulthood, they don't need to have as many children. Consider the bald eagle.

Where can you find sea turtles? Well, the ocean is a good place to look for the real McCoy but we are talking about human turtles so, here are a few of my favorite places: the fair, Wal-Mart, monster truck shows, biker rallies, emergency rooms, any waiting room with cable, any venue where toplessness is smiled upon, crack houses, any form of motor vehicle racing where right turns are prohibited, taco bell, KFC, and you bet your ass a Chinese buffet. Okay kids, now for a scavenger hunt. 5 points for any turtle, 7 for a turtle with mutation/deformity, 10 for turtle with at least one parent within a 50 yard radius, and 600 points for a traditional nuclear turtle family with two parents within a 5 yard radius which is the rarest of all breeds. Winner with photographic proof gets an all expense paid trip to see Moley Hatchet at the Nipple Hut.

Hold my beer and watch this!!!

Sea turtles can often be found at these venues on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!

Handy to have around the house.

This is the FN PS90, it is now available for civilian sale and is a great implement for those seeking a personal defense weapon not enamored by the AR-15 series of carbines. It is light, has great ergonomics, and is available with a 50 round magazine. It fires the 5.7x28mm round which is nothing more than a .22 cal round in a 28mm bottleneck case. Usable bullet weights for civvies is 40grs and muzzle velocity is around 2300fps. You do sacrifice some terminal energy compared to the 5.56 NATO round but you gain 20 rounds and it is a good bit shorter. FN offers a tri-rail model which allows you to mount the optic of your choice along with any light cluster you desire. 16" barrel is standard on the civilian model versus 10" for class lll. The gain is more velocity, the rub is more length. This would be a great weapon for home defense as it is loaded with frangible varmint bullets and is far easier to aim at any distance than a pistol. With optics and illuminators weight would be around 7-7.5 pounds but it is kept much closer to the body and would be a little bit easier to get around corners. Go to and check it out for the complete specs. One word of caution, hold out for the tri-rail as the original sight sucks. Real world price around $1600. Ammo-about a buck a round but it is reloadable.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Update on "Mom Trades Baby for a Car" Story.......

Back in February, I noted In This Post about the Colorado mother who attempted to trade her kid for, of all things, a Dodge Intrepid.

Well, the internet being what it is, here's a video from the Car Dealer where it all happened.

This is some funny shit.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dude, Where's My Leg??????????
Straight from the "OH SHIT" File comes this - Biker fails to notice missing leg.

"TOKYO (Reuters) - A Japanese biker failed to notice his leg had been severed below the knee when he hit a safety barrier, and rode on for more than a mile, leaving a friend to pick up the missing limb."

Seriously, just how focused can one man be to not notice something like ........... Having yer Friggin' leg ripped off.

"He felt excruciating pain, but did not notice that his right leg was missing until he stopped at the next junction..." - Damn, you just know he fell on his ass when he tried to stop, too. Hell of a way to notice "Somethings Missing".

When informed that the Bikers Lawyer was preparing a lawsuit against the city, a Hamamatsu City Attorney remarked, "He was entirely responsible for this accident and doesn't have a leg to stand on" - OK, I made that last part up.

Monday, August 13, 2007

I Always Knew the Government Was Inept........

How Inept? Law Dog Has the answer.

Pointing out something I wasn't aware of. That, first of all, The Mustang Ranch was back in business. If you don't know what exactly, The Mustang Ranch is, you really need to read this. It was probably the most famous Whore House in the United States. And that, at one time, it was owned and operated by the United States Government.

In a strange kinda way that just makes sense.

In his words it really does -

"However, while interesting, this is not the part of it's history that is really fascinating. What we're interested in is this little tid-bit buried way down in the article: after several years of tax shenanigans by the owner, the Mustang Ranch became the first (Official. Licensed.) brothel run by the United States Federal Government.

They lost money.

Let us allow that simple, yet profound, truth sink into our synapses, shall we?The Federal Government of the United States can not run a bordello and make money."

Go read the rest because it is great.
If you're not already reading this guy, you're missing out.
Because I'm Such Slacker ........
I've invited a friend of mine to help out around here. Over the next week or so, I'm gonna show him how to run things, give him a set of keys to this place and cut him loose. No details yet, but IMO, I believe he'll add some much needed class to this dump.

This Summer has been very busy and has just killed my motivation for spending time here. Figured a bit of help would be a good thing. I think y'all will like 'em.

We'll see how it goes.
Sometimes it helps to be flexible.
Ok, I'm not THAT flexible.
Almost Overcome with Lust Today......
I took the "BigBluePlasticMotorcycle" to the shop today for new steering head bearings. Call me a Wimp if you will, but that's NOT a job I wanna do in my garage. My Craptacular mechanic skillz just about guarantee a disaster of some magnitude. So I just said "To hell with it" and decided to let the professionals do it.

The object of my lust was there on the dealer floor. Whispering to me. - The New Kawasaki Concours.

Oh Baby! Come to Papa.

It's really dangerous for me to be left unsupervised around shit like that.
I didn't even ask them what it would cost me to drive that beauty home.

Just left a little drool on the tank, dropped my bike off and left.

Here's a motivational moment for you.
This is for my Piece of shit friend, Dr J, who took the time to call me the other day - While I was at work - And rag me about how He was standing on the side of the Pacific Coast Highway. And I wasn't. That was harsh.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Russian Rifles at the Range Today .....
Took the 2 Russian Mosin's out to the range today. The Father in Law is in town and he likes to shoot 'em. So what's a boy to do but go shoot?

Not like that's a bad thing or anything.

Groups were WAY better today than the last time I shot. Not that I'm ever gonna be any kinda marksman. But a good time was had by all and we kept the Nazi hordes away from The Motherland for another day.

We had Those rifles hot today, but they didn't smoke like this.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Maintenance and Upgrade Work on the Concours......
I recently made a policy decision to keep TheBigBluePlasticMotorcycle for at least another couple of years. It just doesn't make sense to go out and buy something else when this one is paid for and still in good shape.

Plus, I really like this bike.

So I decided to do a bit of needed maintenance and upgrade a few things. If you're a Connie owner and need parts or accessories, the first place you go is MURPH'S.
Here's a partial list of things I purchased.

1) New EBC Rotors for the front.
2) EBC Brake Pads all around.
3) Stainless Steel brake lines by Spiegler for the front.
4) Lowering kit for the footpegs
5) And new tires front and back from Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse.

I also purchased one of these little gems from the local auto parts store -

This is the Mityvac set up. $30.00 and money well spent when it comes to bleeding your brakes. I can't believe how well this thing works. I had all 3 Calipers bled in about 30 minutes. Absolutely astounding.

All I can say is, if you've gotta do brakes just spend the money and buy one. You won't be disappointed.

Everything is installed and working well. The brakes are gonna be a way big improvement and the lowering set for the footpegs really helps with the overall comfort. Who would'a thought 1 1/2" could make that big a difference?

I'm looking at a new seat and some highway pegs for it next. All it takes is Money!

Hopefully, I can get a few days off to go do some roadwork now.